7 Real-World Ways to Think Like an Artist for Better Content Marketing

7 Real-World Ways to Think Like an Artist for Better Content Marketing

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  1. Wowsers, Sonia. This nails a lot of the junk I had to get over to embrace my career in marketing after leaving my “artistic” career in journalism and television.

  2. This is fantastic! I am going to print it out and read it every week to keep these truths circling in my brain.

    May I add a wonderful writing book to your recommends list? It’s actually titled, On Writing Well by William Zinsser. One of the very very best!

  3. Thank you! As an artist I appreciated reading your list. All your points of thinking like an artist truly resonated with me! Seeking an audience has eluded me even though I’ve been blogging for a year… at least my creative work is out there now.

    • Thanks for the note, Anne!

      It’s definitely tough, but keep at it. I’m a big fan of John T. Unger’s work, and also the advice he has for other artists — you might check him out.

  4. Sales isn’t trickery, manipulation, or badgering. Educate and help those who want and need your help, and leave everybody else alone.

    If your business model relies on the ignorance of your clients, you’re immoral at best and criminal at worst.

  5. Sonia, I loved this article!

    As someone who started out in theatre and now writes content for a marketing firm, I’ve always been amazed at how much overlap there is between the two. Getting into marketing seemed like such a strange diversion from doing theatre, but the truth is it’s all just stories. You think about all the same things when writing a play as you do when writing a blog post. Who is this for? What am I trying to say?

    P.S. I absolutely loved this: “In my experience, the stereotype of the “flaky artist” who’s out of touch with reality couldn’t be further from the truth.”

  6. Lots of good advice in your post. I definitely do not consider myself an “artist” but becoming more artistic will improve my work. This has pushed me to learn and read people who think differently than I do to gain an insight into their mindset. Thanks for the well thought out article!

  7. Thank you for highlighting the significance of art and writing in the digital age. I find this particularly relevant in relation to the STEM vs. liberal arts dichotomy that still permeates people’s thinking. It’s not either/or, it’s both, hand-in-hand. The incredible tech platforms I see and use are great not only because of what they do, but how they look and communicate/allow people to communicate.

  8. I can’t agree more. It is a wonderful post that you have shared with us, Sonia. The marketing misconceptions that you pointed out are also all true. A lot of people still don’t fully understand the concept of marketing. Art does really play an important role in marketing. If you aren’t creative enough, you may not become a great marketer. And who better than me to understand this. I am both a designer as well as a marketer. And I know how important it is to be creative not just in designing but in marketing too.

  9. Sonia,

    As an artist/painter who is a little creatively stuck right now, you helped me and l’m sure others in the same situation, to become unstuck. Make bad art, reserve your time, it’s OK to seek a larger audience, and more – so helpful to confirm that its all good. Thank you!


  10. I was super inspired after reading this. I have been doing content marketing for the past 5 years and sometimes it can get really repetitive.

  11. Sonia you nailed in this article. Nice artist personna you have shared here and I think many people failed to understand this artist mindset. I am into content marketing too from sometime and I see different content can have different emotions on people life.
    I love the quotes you have used here.

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