Are You a Spineless Blogger?

Are You a Spineless Blogger?

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  1. I definitely get lost in my own head sometimes when writing posts. In fact, I’ve been very dissatisfied with my writing lately because it doesn’t seem to translate from what I’ve got in my head into anything that good on paper.

    If the “how to” doesn’t apply, I could also do a step-by-step of how X works.

  2. The argumentative spine works really well for me. List posts never have, although I think I can get better. If I have things to say in a list, I fill the space between the bullets with humor or humanity.

  3. Great post here. The prescriptive and categorical spines are great and ones that I’ll be focusing more of my writing on as it’ll help bring together my ideas when I do get stuck (which happens a lot).

  4. Thanks for the post. I’m always looking for a ideas for my next blog post. I may also use the topic of the spine and how most people block their energy flow by incorrect movement when practicing tai chi. Carries well into daily life too. Thanks for helping me with today’s post and for future ones as well.

  5. This is a great post. I would never have even thought as ‘writers block’ in the spine concept you thought about. I got writers block the other day and just couldn’t write any posts for the life of me….
    I have thursday off my ‘real job’ and I am going to spend the day writing the weeks posts….hopefuly I don’t have ‘writers block’…I mean a lack of a creative spine on thursday

  6. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. One of my blogs was quite dead for some time because I just didn’t know what I wanted to write about on it anymore. I think my creativity spine was broken. Over the last week or two I’ve spent more time with it and it’s starting to come back.

    I’ll have to be sure to implement some of your tips on finding your spine, probably on a frequent basis.

  7. Been there many times. Most of time time, you can just walk away from the computer for a bit and come back to it fresh a little later.

    Your mindset has so much to do with this.

  8. I am not sure if I would consider myself a spineless blogger or not. I think I just am what I am and I go about just doing my blogging business. I don’t really worry about what I am or what I should be. I’m just myself and that is what works. The more genuine you are the more readers people seem to get.

  9. Jon, this is great stuff – I particularly like the way you list different spines (and also the way you use the metaphor of a spine during this post – nice demo of one of the techniques in action!)

    I think I use some of your methods intuitively, but reading your explanations has really helped to clarify my thoughts on *why* I do what I do when I’m blogging.


  10. Great article for writers/bloggers. Thank you. But more importantly, haven’t you also just told everyone about how to solve life’s problems in general? I’m an executive coach and truly believe you can use everything you just prescribed as a problem solving prescription. I often suggest to my clients that they use writing as a clearing tool. My practice is all about taking action and moving my clients forward. However, you can’t move someone forward until they’ve cleaned up their crap. Writing is a big part of that for a lot of people. I work with Executive Women, Entrepreneurs and folks who are trying to transition from Corporate Jobs to being entrepreneurs. Thanks for giving me a succinct tool to refer them to!

  11. Thank you!

    No it’s time to finally release these things which
    will need “writing with a spine” stirring up worldwide
    controversy. People will hate what I say. It doesn’t
    matter anymore. Out of the box with my life’s work,
    I’ve been loved by clients/hated by competitors.

    This is something that will not change. My spine must!

    Thanks for giving me “spine” strength~more of a voice.

    My “bending over backwards” talking about strengthening my physical spine can be seen on my Facebook profile of me ~ Zna Trainer ! Strong spine is
    now taking on a different meaning in my blogs because of your inspiration here. You’ll be remembered for your helping make this pivotal point.

    To your best wealth and health and happiness and success, I am

    Respectfully yours,

    Zna “Trainer” *

  12. Just writing down anything always helps. Even if it is incoherent at first and has no “spine” eventually you will develop one and may be able to use it. Before you know if you’ll take a couple lines that don’t relate and suddenly realize there is a way to connect them all.


  13. This is an excellent post. I get writer’s block quite often, so when I am ‘on’ I end up writing quite a few articles. The next time I am dealing with this ‘creative direction loss’ I’ll have to try one of these.

  14. This post just help me get my mojo back. I am always mad when I can not write anything down, now, I am back. Reading this post got me inspire to write again and follow your tips.

  15. Great post!

    I haven’t done a list in ages. Sometimes I can ramble too much and lists are a great way for me to keep to the point.

    Though I disagree that being argumentative is a bad thing. I quite like posts by people who are on their soap box, especially if they have a snarky witty tone to it.

  16. Interesting title! I completely thought it was going to be an article about bloggers who simply said whatever was on their mind, whether it absolutely hurt/destructed others or not! LOL Good one 😉

    Your articles on writers block are great… it’s seemingly THE biggest issue in blogging. Great article.

  17. I like the idea of using metaphors. In the past I’ve searched for a list f metaphors on Google and not had much luck. Your article has inspired me to look again. Thanks for your helpful blog.


  18. I personally blog for expressing my thoughts to the outerworld. At the same time I like debating on certain important issues with other people. My main motive is to gain traffic and share our viewpoints. I am sure your blogging tips will add value to it.

  19. The tips you give are spot on for giving people the space to uncover a spine for an article, but I think another piece here is about trust –

    – Trust that you’ll find the spine
    – Trust that the spine is good enough

    These elements can be trickier to pin down, as it’s about cutting through the ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’ and ‘oughts’ that buzz around your head and trust that your talent will solve the problem.

  20. Have you been reading my mail? LOL, I’ve been evaluating my work lately and realized I need a little more “spine” of late. Thanks for the helpful post.

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