Seven Tricks for Magical Copy

Seven Tricks for Magical Copy

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  1. well explained 🙂
    i loved this one // 1. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! // 🙂

    I am not selling anything as such, but i can make this use of this one … the first point ..

  2. Hi James,
    very well written, informative and useful post on copy writing. This is my first time on your blog but I found all of your posts very interesting. thanks a bunch.

  3. Abra-Cadabra! When I think of sales copy I’ve seen I recognize all of the elements you’ve mentioned. I know they work too, because I clicked to a site that has told me I’m going to be the next internet millionaire, earning $20,000 a week in my pajamas! 😉

    Thanks for putting all of the tools in one bag, I will be referring back often.


  4. @ Mussadair – I’m very sad to admit that Copyblogger isn’t my blog. Yet. I’m working on it 😉

    @ Tumblemoose – What, we can’t earn that in our pajamas? Damn! I knew there was a catch! (Do sweatpants count?)

    @ Craig – True value being the focal point, of course!

    @ JD – If you have no rapport with a person, you couldn’t sell them a mansion for a dime. Build that rapport and you could sell snow to an Eskimo. (I think.)

    @ Jamie – Very much so. There’s always good balance in sales.

    @ Blogger – Yeah, getting to the core isn’t always easy when you’re facing looooong copy. But it can be done!

    @ Dinu – Capturing people’s interest can be used across a wide range of industries indeed!

  5. Dinu: Even if Paypal isn’t involved, you’re still selling something. You’re asking readers for their time. That, to me, is far more valuable than money. This entire bag of tricks can be used to think of subscribers as easily as dollars.

  6. A killer title is important for the “welcome ladies and gentlemen”. I recently wrote a blog post titled “why site flipping sucks” and this got loads of attention

  7. besides the post: I had to laugh when I saw your search-field.
    Very fresh and light layout lifting (I think there was?), but I guess it might not be the right layout for a search-field if you don’t recognize that it is a search field anymore, but have to write an explanation ? :-)))

  8. Wonderful and interesting post. I loved this: “A flourish, a bang, a splash… they aren’t shy about stating that they’re on stage and you should be watching.”

    I hope to improve in such a way that all my audience feel the show is worth many times more than the ticket cost.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  9. Another effective tactic for magical copy is to focus on audience segmentation.

    Too many websites are completely product-focused rather than user-focused. Different users are going to purchase the same exact product for very different reasons. As a simple example, if you are trying to sell “snacks,” a mom might be looking for a healthy snack for her kids whereas an office worker is looking for something to satiate his/her hunger whereas a hipster might be preparing for a get-together or party with friends.

    By customizing a website towards unique audience segments and communicating with them within unique selling environments, website conversion rates should increase.

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