Headline Remix Madness – Part Two

Headline Remix Madness – Part Two

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  1. As usual you do wonderful work with headlines.

    Can I interest you in writing about 50 for me and then I’ll just write some posts to fit 😉

    Like these yoda do.

  2. Brian;

    The Art of Traveling Light kind of threw me.

    I first visualized ‘light’ traveling in some colorful way.

    Not sure it was an intentional play on words or not.


  3. i understand the enforcement words’ role and i agree with your proposals.

    i have one question though:
    is there a size limit for the headline?
    is there an “should not exceed” number of character or words?

    if you have time, please take webee into consideration for headline madness 😉

  4. I’ve a question: wouldn’t the copy in the original articles’ titles be more likely to be found in a web search?

    If someone was searching for ‘how to pack for vacation’ or something similar, wouldn’t that be more relevant? As Michael suggested, you’d probably find you get clickthroughs from people searching for information on relativity theory!

    Thanks, though, good article, raises some interesting questions.

  5. Thanks a lot Brian! Indeed, I do have a tendency to make my claims “less than earth shattering”. 🙂

    I changed my title according to your suggestion.

    By the way, what would you think of the variation “Discover New Music That You Love”? I think “Love” might have a more emotional approach that might fit to the musical topic.

  6. Dan, that’s an interesting question. The tough thing about that is whether the page would rank. Unless the site has a lot of link authority, probably not. So writing headlines with search engines in mind is a futile exercise. What you may want to do is write for people first, try to attract some links to the page, then change the title later to focus on keywords. I wasn’t focusing on keywords for this exercise, as that would require me to do keyword research.

    Flo, I think “love” works too. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the good headline tips. I can see how careful wording would make someone want to read the article. I appreciate your tips.

  8. Brian. This is a bit off the topic of the post, but since it’s come up, it’s something I’ve often wondered about.

    If you change the title of a post after you have some incoming links wouldn’t that break those links?

    And if you changed the title but kept the post slug the same as before, that would allow the links to stay active, but not provide the url hook for the search engines as Dan mentioned.

    Just wondering.

    And I must say that this round of changes is superb!

  9. Edward, when you change the title later, the URL (post slug in WP) is not affected, so the links would be fine.

  10. This post and your website have really helped me – and of course, I now subscribe. Do you plan on doing more of these re-do’s?? I hope so!

  11. Brian – I like to save the headlines for last. Just like the cherry on an ice cream sundae. Plus they’re easier to write that way. There are so many options once it’s all written.

    I used to just put in a mock headline to start things off before I wrote my article. Now I just write the body of the article like a headless horseman and the headlines come out just fine. Thanks for these remixes. I enjoyed them.


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