Headline Remix Madness – Part One

Headline Remix Madness – Part One

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  1. Wow. Great start to the list. I particularly like the way you changed #3.

    Also, just in case readers don’t know this, make sure you take the quotes (from #5) off of your post slug, otherwise you’ll get ugly characters in your url.

  2. I especially like what you did with #2 – because Anthony mentions a post of mine in it 🙂

    I’m a sucker for alteration, so I really like the flow of #5. I agree with the quotes at the end drawing the eye, and I think the alliteration helps the eye flow across the title. Sometimes I’ll change a couple of words to make the “look” of the titles pull the eye. Maybe because I’m a visual person.

  3. I look forward to implementing these tips in my headlines to come. Thanks, lots of great articles on this site.

  4. #1: I totally would have passed this one over with the original title. The re-written headline, however, not only makes me want to eavesdrop on the conversation, but makes me instantly curious about what I could do to be one of the recipients of such high praise.

    #2: Complete transformation from something that didn’t really resonate with me (“non-existent job security”) to the all-too-familiar conflict of passion vs. job security; who can’t relate to that?

    #3: For me, it was the images that made this post compelling; the new title puts the little image-journey into better context, making me more curious about the conclusion.

    #4 & #5: While these are niches I don’t regularly read about, both of the re-written titles transform my expectation from “some blogger’s opinion” to “expert advice”.

    This series rocks, you’ve got to keep this up. (:

  5. I appreciate all the side offerings you make (like “know more about RSS”) et al. Your general attitude is so generous and upbeat not to mention knowledgeable, it reminds me of what I was told about the original www: that everybody was just trying to help everyone else.
    I subscribed. My blog is poetry slams at current events…Calvin Trillan (trillin?) is my model doggerellist, so as I read, I’m applying to a brief or briefish verse.
    Hopefully snarky verse.
    What would it mean to put a link to you on my blog? How? Then I’d be generous too! And round out the oddity of rhyming. Or do I not get it?

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