The 3 Kinds of Writing That Builds a Business

The 3 Kinds of Writing That Builds a Business

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  1. My Fridays get better because of these podcasts/interviews.

    Absolutely love the information we’re getting from these, and great, great questions.

    • I talked about that a bit at Darren’s Problogger event in Melbourne, and it seemed to strike a chord with a lot of folks, so I thought it bore repeating. 🙂

  2. Really struck by Sonia’s questions, “What is the benefit of this knowledge to the customer? How does it make their life better?”

    I tended to get excited by my insights and think “Wow this is brilliant $%@& here” and assume others would be excited too. Rarely the case. And the stuff that sparks for them isn’t usually the same stuff that sparks for me.

    Thanks again 😀

  3. It really wonderful to hear such great advice, was making the mistake of forgetting everything I hear from the pod casts *shakes head* it can get hard to implement what we learn, but now am learning the ropes and absorbing it all pretty a sponge so to say 🙂

  4. Great material for an old dog wanting to learn new tricks I appreciate the quality and the clarity of the broadcast! I write on Courage and love the topic especially now because many Americans are not adjusting to the new business model of the Internet. Keep up the great work look forward to more wonderful material!

    Greg Renstrom

  5. Thanks for all of the useful information. I have been so locked into promoting a concept that I lost sight of having my blog supportt the business. “Blogs don’t make money. Businesses make money” you said. Sometimes the simple elemental things are so covered up with other stuff. Thanks again for the gift of simplification.

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