Introducing The Lede: A Copywriting and Content Marketing Sheet

Introducing The Lede: A Copywriting and Content Marketing Sheet

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  1. Hey cool thanks! That’s more than what I can scan in a week but atleast instead of searching for good things to read, I would spend it reading.

    You just made my life simpler!

  2. Ok, “the SEO copywriter walks into a bar” gets my click, it’s made me curious and I am sure all the rest are fab but that one jumps right at you!

  3. Nice! Thanks Robert.

    Between The Lede, the regular Copyblogger, “internet marketing for smart people”, and teaching sells… I’ve now got more to read and less time to do it. Guess I’ll just have to unsubscribe to one or more of the no-so-urgent ezines I’ve been getting, but not really reading. Good example content curating? Thanks again!

  4. Man, you guys have been blowing up with more awesome content and resources! Pretty soon this will be the only site online marketers will turn to.

    Thank you!

  5. Looks like a bunch of awesome stuff, but I’m just going to say that I think it’s way too much.
    Mental overload kicks in and I end up not clicking on anything. I think there’s some research on that.
    Maybe give us 10 choices max. You could even do it more often.

    I was about to click on one but I had too see what else I was missing, then by the end of the list, I was less motivated to go back.

    Just saying.

    But thanks. I probably will click on one of them.

    • It is a bit much. Robert has been collecting links for 2 weeks because we were supposed to launch this last Saturday. We’ll likely keep to 7-10 weekly links max.

      • Glad to see this, as I was about to post the same thing.

        This is enough reading material for weeks rather than a few days, glad to see you guys trimming it down for the next one.

  6. I would never get anything done if I read all these links, but thanks. I did click on a few, though. Mostly the ones about email marketing because I have been focused on this lately.

  7. You realize don’t you that the NYTimes has already had a blog entitled The Lede for sometime now?
    Good stories you picked out, though.

  8. Wow, this looks like a simply awesome list. Thanks for sharing. It looks like I have some reading to do before I start watching football today

  9. This is a fabulous list! To those that are overwhelmed by the length of this list, this is why we have things like Delicious in this world. Save it and go back when you need it. –An “aha” moment if I ever saw one! {:>) I say no whining when we’re given FREE resources all in one place!

  10. Since most people have little or no clue what “lede” means, I offer the following: The “lede” is one of the most important parts of a news story or feature article. The word is pronounced like lead in “I was in the lead at the end of the race.” In recent years, lead in this sense has begun to replace lede in articles and listings that refer to introductory paragraphs and sentences. But many journalists and editors, especially those who worked for newspapers that were typeset by hand or linotype machine (basically all newspapers until the 1970’s and1980’s), still prefer lede. Back then, people confused lead as in “leed” with the typesetting metal of the same spelling – an alloy of 85% lead.

    To avoid problems when editing or proofreading text for printing — which often required instructions about adding the metal between sentences and paragraphs — journalists opted for “lede” as the term for the introductory portion of a news story. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, lede is an “Obsolete spelling of lead, revived in modern journalism to distinguish the word from lead, strip of metal separating lines of type,” but the spelling is no longer labeled as jargon by either AH or Merriam-Webster. MW says the first known use of “lede” was in 1976. The printed 2011 AP Stylebook doesn’t mention lede or lead, but in its online guide it uses lead as in “leed” in several entries.

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