Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of June 14, 2010

Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of June 14, 2010

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  1. Johnny,
    Having recently published an ebook, I’d be interested in seeing some of your web and blog sites for authors like me, also in knowing how much you charge.

  2. I finally have an answer to that “What do you do?” question after having answered it fifty times for the nice people at the quickly-disappearing Day Job.

    “Website advice for delightful weirdos”.

    Presumably, your version is “I build websites for fans of late 80’s rock melodica.” 🙂

  3. I tell people I’m an internet writer, that I write the words that go on websites and that I am not a coder except for basic text coding. If I’m talking to someone who knows a bit about the internet and how it works, I say I am an internet writer, editor and marketer.

  4. JBT, your wrap up is one of the things I enjoy most about Copyblogger. Did I read somewhere that you said if only 2 people out of 100 found your jokes funny, you’re doing ok? However many other people are smiling, laughing, gently guffawing…at your weekly roundup, I’m definitely one of them.

  5. Very good sum up of the week. I have to say the posts that stuck with me the most were thursday and friday. For the first question all I tell people is I “work” online if they want me to go into depth I usually say I don’t have nearly enough time to explain all that I do. Anyway good post.

  6. lol, A lot of people has been asking me what i do?, my answers is always, am a blogger or better still a young entrepreneur or sometimes, i make a living through internet biz and there were like?, “WHAT?, You’re such a Lazy ass!!”..humm, I think i need to be telling them, i sell drugs now lol..wink

  7. Yeah, it’s accurate, but it does miss the picture as you say. You just need to bubble it up and I’m a fan of one-liners:

    – You help people every Joe get results online

    If it’s not every Joe and it’s a different niche, then just swap it out, but I think you’re strength is helping ordinary people get extraordinary results.

  8. Hi guys,

    It’s funny how people don’t believe blogging is a real source of income. They just don’t understand how you can actually make a living blogging. I just tell people I write articles for this website.

    Kind regards,

  9. If I tell them I’m a blogger, they get all confused and think it’s slang for “unemployed.”

    People also think “consultant” = “unemployed.” Especially older relatives at family reunions.

  10. I usually say I help small businesses find customers on the web. That’s if I want to actually convey what I do. If I don’t, I tell them I’m a blogger, which makes them instantly change the subject. I tell my mother-in-law I have a marketing job, which explains the pink hair and is about all she wants to know.

  11. I tell them that I help companies get clients. And that my typical client is a self made entrepeneur who’s company makes something between 10 and 350 Million Euro a year. Then I say that my work is to write stuff that brings results. After that I talk about one or two examples of clients and what I have done for them.
    The next question that comes is where I get my clients. They come to me via my blog or via referrals. That positions me quite powerfully.
    Markus Trauernicht

  12. I actually ran into this problem this past weekend, DESPITE thinking about it while writing this, when I went golfing with four of my high school friends. I failed trying to describe what I do yet again.

    I think I’m going to take a cue from Tim Ferriss in The Four Hour Work Week and start telling people I’m a drug dealer. (Funny… I had forgotten that when I wrote the drugs joke above. See? Drugs are helpful to everyone.)

  13. When I get “What do you do?” I usually say “What do you want me to do?”

    Don’t ever say that you’re a lawyer (true or not) because you will be asked to get someone out of a ticket or through a divorce.

  14. What was going through your mind when you were writing this post? I know you can be more hilarious than this.

    Anyway, the post was engaging and suspense filled.

    Keep it up!

    Seun Kilanko

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