How Online Authority Gave a Tiny Local Business Worldwide Reach

How Online Authority Gave a Tiny Local Business Worldwide Reach

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  1. Great entry Abbey. Congrats, both to you and Jenny. Some of us SMBs in upstate NY get the authority thing. Enjoy the spoils of your victory 🙂

  2. This one is really inspiring. When you roll the facts on the table and unfold a story, it reaches the audience faster than any other means. Congrats again Abby 🙂

  3. Perfect example of the power of content marketing and how it works even for the smallest of businesses.

    Also great example of how you can get the big idea across in fewer words but not lose any of the impact.

    Well done.

    • It’s funny, the first few drafts of this we so much longer, it was a great exercise to show how much content you can strip away and still be left with the meat of the piece.

  4. Abbey,

    I love it!

    I think you captured one of the most overlooked aspects of doing business online with your “small town, big audience” angle. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an audience locally since you’ll be sought out by people everywhere who can benefit from your expertise as long as you make yourself available. With more than 2 billion people using the internet worldwide, you and Jenny are on the right track. Maybe you should show Judy your winning essay and suggest she reconsider putting her newsletter online. I loved your quilting story too, BTW. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Anthony! It was so great to see how vastly different approaches we took. I’m looking forward to the other essays, too!

      It’s so true — in today’s world, the vast majority of businesses don’t have to limit themselves to their local market anymore. They miss a huge opportunity. I love this story because its not a high-tech business or a business that one would automatically think about putting online. Jenny and team have done an amazing job, which is why they are so successful.

      You can’t follow the same path as everyone else and still get extraordinary results!

  5. Love that this won. Great example of how to write a short yet impactful blog post, and great example of the value of blogging for your business – no matter how old/out of touch you think your target audience is.

    • Absolutely! Judy’s idea of who her customers are has been very limited. There’s a whole group of people that WANT to be her customer. I love Judy and her shop, but I spend many an evening browsing MSQ. Could I get in the car and get the same stuff? Probably.

  6. Excellent post Abbey! I’m a Copyblogger employee and also a quilter. I also follow Missouri Star Quilt Company online and I’m in Canada!

    My local quilt shop? They think they’re “too small” for such a big presence or that the bulk of their customers are not online. :-/ And it’s also “too much work”.

    Imagine if Jenny had thought the same.

    • Awesome Andrea!! MSQ tutorials are incredible. I think about my local shop all the time. Jenny’s shop was so small and in such a “small market.” So cool to see how they grew!

  7. I think this one resonates with us all. And delivered so flawlessly. Congratulations on your win. You deserve it in spades.

    Only one thing…can I see a picture of that quilt? You’ve got me curious to know more. Not a bad thing, right?

  8. This gives hope to prospective small business owners who are looking to make an impact further than their hometown. And it’s also very inspiring for new bloggers like me. Thank you.

  9. Being from Missouri myself, this is very inspirational. I am actually trying to start my own business and this has shown me a new perspective. Great read thanks 🙂

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