Writers Working for the Weekday

Writers Working for the Weekday

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  1. I love to write. It is easy to get burned out though and run out of good ideas, write nearly identical content, or not really add to the conversation. It is hard work to be original but it’s always great to look back at past articles and marvel at the insight. That’s where the joy is I think.

  2. I’m totally with you on Eye-roll-Ville. Of course writing is all good and fun – but it certainly has its ups and downs.

    Thanks for the post, I’m going to attempt and write down ideas with old fashion pen and paper to embrace the madness.

  3. Hey Stefanie,

    I have always been a person who seeks for the new challenges and writing is something I adapt.

    The three questions should definitely be answered. Showing what you got, fulfilling your readers’ need is what you should do.

    Working on the weekends and enjoying that time is always the best combo. I like to tackle that writing phenomenon in a happy habitat.

    Thanks for enlightening.

  4. I agree. I love to write, and always strive to ensure the content I produce is fresh and relevant, but it can be frustrating at times. I do always write down ideas because I believe it actually helps so I’m definitely an advocate for pen and paper!

  5. Wow, self-care and self-harm equally indulgent, but the latter more acceptable. Brilliant, and so true. Sadly, we pay the price for self-harm not only in lack of happiness but in health and relationships. I’ve spent the last 10 years attempting to recover from from the “you can sleep when you’re dead” self-indulgence.

  6. I have been a content writer all my life. People just pay me to write. I started writing consultancy reports. I did research and investigated things then wrote about them for our clients. I moved on from that and started writing bids for projects. Then I had enough and went on to write grant applications. Now I am a writer for different blogs, internet news websites and I occasionally write a publication on some research I do in parallel to my writing. I just love writing, but cannot see myself writing the same thing every day. I am now embarking in writing a children book for my kids. I am loving it. Always do what you like and change little things to improve and feel good. That is what writing has taught me.

  7. Hey Stefanie, You have shared some wonderful tips here with me. I really like the tips you have that ask 3 questions to yourself.

    The passion for work always drives me crazy and it motivates me to work more hard on my goals. Being full time blogger sometimes it becomes very messy and things get tough when Google dance happens but all you need is dedication and surrounded by positive people .

  8. This writing thing—ugh! Look what it’s done to my fingernails. But Stefanie, you’re right: sometimes this writing thing is just dandy.

    One of its spiffiest thrills is variety—yesterday I wrote a content-marketing piece on native advertising, today I’m writing a travel article on viewing the hot lava on the Big Island. My fingernails will be just fine. Thank you for the good word.

    (But man, do I get the self-harm plague. I must learn to consistently say “no” to the nagging voices in your head.)

  9. Yes, yes and yes… you should strive to love the weekdays as much as the weekends. I love my job and I start to work every morning with a smile. It must be so hard to live a life where the weekdays are your enemy!

  10. Yes! I love writing! Few things are as fulfilling as being able to create words that move people to action and promote new ideas. I’m a content marketer and I also work in SEO. I love both of them!

    Those three questions will definitely help me in my writing. When you find out what you are passionate about, then produce writing or a product around that passion, the entire world becomes a better place. It’s all about sharing your talents with the world.

  11. Hi Stefanie,

    Thanks for your post, I really liked the idea of self-care. It has motivated me a lot.

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