Try This: A Valentine’s Day Promotion for Content Marketers

Try This: A Valentine’s Day Promotion for Content Marketers

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  1. Had much fun reading your article! What do you think about all those cute gamification tricks – is it a nice way to reward your customers? Do you have personal experience with this?

    • If you have software in place to do it, go for it. My gamification experience is mainly on the user side, but I do think it pulls people in and gives them a lot of enjoyment.

      • And talking about customer fun experience in general – do you think that businesses should introduce something not-so-serious to outbalance the “serious” topics and entertain the customer a little bit? If yes, is there a level for fun stuff that shouldn’t be exceeded? Especially if it is a B2B company

  2. Personally i will arrange a singles night out and promote my products to all my single customers. This wil be an opportunity for new people to meet each other. How does that sound Sonia?

  3. It can never hurt to let your older customers know you still love and appreciate them. It’s like being in a relationship for 10 years—you can start to take each other for granted and that leads to resentment. You don’t have to go crazy to show your loyal customers a little love. Even small gestures can mean a lot.

  4. What a great idea, Sonia. I typically thank my clients by discounting their monthly bill on occasion. However, what you have suggested sounds like a much better plan. I’ll have to put some serious thought into this and see what I can do for Valentine’s Day. I do believe that thanking your clients by offering them something special is always a fabulous idea!

    Thanks so much. Make it a marvelous Monday!

    Deb 

    • Thanks, Deb! A formalized ritual once or twice a year (Thanksgiving is another nice time to do it) can go a long way to showing your customers that you care about them — and of course that translates into repeat & referral business that do a lot to make your business healthy.

  5. This is a great idea. Really got me to thinking. I’m trying to incorporate more videos in my marketing so maybe I’ll do a thank you video (appreciation). Thanks.

  6. I’m a SendOutCards rep, so I send out personalized greeting card campaigns to my clients a few times each year. Major holidays are great, but it’s easy to come up with a reason to connect any time—you can find all kinds of zany “holidays” online, and it’s a nice surprise for people to get a card at unexpected times. I try to make my cards fun by adding a funny poem, a great quote, a QR code link to a video, or using photos in a creative way. If you can put a photo of your client in a card, it always makes a big impression. I like to attach gifts such as a box of brownies or cookies, too, but generally, I will do that on an individual basis throughout the year, as opposed to a single campaign to all of my clients.

  7. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for this inspiring post!

    I agree with Amy, I’d like to incorporate more videos into my marketing, but I’m not happy with the quality of my videos, from a technical side. I want crisp and clean and clear videos. Sometimes, the web cam doesn’t cut it. Any recommendations on video equipment or software?

    I have a couple of freebies on my website, but I’ll create one just for subscribers and clients. I also like the idea of sending eCards. I’ve received a couple of those.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • That’s brand new, styled by our wonderful designer Rafal Tomal. I love it too. 🙂 I know as a reader, anything that can help me focus on “OK, now what” is helpful to me.

      • It’s amazing, Sonia! I only have half a brain some mornings it seems, so those action points are brilliant! Thanks to you & Rafal!

  8. Just wanted to chime in – I wrote about how grateful for awesome readers, people who have shared my site, awesome comments, etc. on my site a few weeks ago (not tied to any promotion or anything cuz I don’t really sell anything). And I was OVERWHELMED by the response. Over 100 comments gushing about me! When my whole idea was to thank THEM. Those comments are so incredibly awesome whenever I’m having a bad day (and who doesn’t?) I go and re-read them. They totally fill my bucket.

    So expressing gratitude to readers, clients, prospects, etc. can come back to you in wonderfully unexpected ways 🙂

  9. One method that has worked well in my business is to make a Facebook update telling the followers there how much they are appreciated. At the very least, one or two of them usually comment telling my boss how much they appreciate him, which is always good to read.

  10. I work for an advertising company in Las Vegas (freelance writing) and I actually just came up with this very idea of a Valentine contest for a company, pitched it to my boss, who pitched it to the company and BLAMMO! They are doing it with gusto! I’m excited to know that this would have been Copyblogger’s advice, had I not already thought of it ;0) Lets me know I’m on the right track.

  11. If you aren’t doing something to take advantage of the Holidays you’re making a big mistake.

    Successful entrepreneurs know that sales always spike around the times when people feel good.
    Every holiday it’s a different decoration but basically the same story.

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

    • One really nice thing about content as a customer “thank you” is you can usually scale it without additional cost. So a Q&A session for 500 people costs the same as a Q&A for 5 people. Plus it’s personal and if you put care & love into it, you can make something really good. 🙂

  12. LOVE it…more generosity from the heart. We can never give or get too much love or appreciation. It’s so important to cherish what you have and show it. Thinking Sonia…and yes, I like the new callout too!

  13. Interesting, I never thought of using this occasion in such a way. I am not 100% sure what my clients thoughts would be?

    • You don’t have to go overboard with the mushy stuff. 🙂 Just let them know you’re grateful for their business, that you appreciate their trust in you, and then maybe offer something like a free Q&A if that fits into your model.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful tips. I am very new to blogging and as of yet, not started any business on my site. But what I am going to apply to my blog from this article is the first tip. I am going to move to word press from blogger very soon. I have some followers on my current site through Google Friend Connect and I cannot transfer them over to the new place. so I have decided to individually contact them via email to let them know about my move and how grateful I am for their support for this long. I would also mention to subscribe to my future posts through face book, twitter and RSS feed. I think contacting them individually will make them feel valued and I can still continue getting their support even at the new place. Thank you for saying my thoughts loud 🙂

    • I like your idea. I am also new to blogging and don’t really have a business yet and am in the process of transferring to WordPress. So I will piggy back your plan to send a personal message to all my current subscribers to appreciate them and ask them to move over with me. I think I will also send out a personal message to all my followers on FB and Twitter. Maybe I will include a valentine’s template for them to download, print and frame for their home.

  15. As a Blogger I will put together a message to my readers on my blogs, Facebook and Twitter as well. I will ask them what I can do to help them this week. I will include some flowers and a Thank you card in the post to send out. Then I will set up a Valentines Giveaway that starts a couple days before so the winner will have the gift in times for Valentines. Plus I will offer one lucky reader a months free advertising on my blog as I know it is hard to be seen.

  16. I love this idea! I just have to sit down and think out what I can offer my readers as a gift. A giveaway comes to mind, but then I am only giving something to one reader. I will definitely think hard on this one.


  17. Thanks for sharing this information – I think that I am going to host a Reader Appreciation giveaway soon on my personal blog site. I’d also like to get to know my readers better, so the entries will involve some of their favorite things. For example, if they are a movie buff – I’ll have them leave a comment on my top movie list blog post. etc. etc.

  18. I love this idea. Time flies when we are have fun in life. I need to stop smell the roses and appreciate all the people God has placed in my life. So my Goals form reading this are to make hearts for my girls to tell them how amazing they are. One for my husband to for putting up with me. For all my customers, a phone call or a card in the mail for V-Day. My Prayer to God Bless me with the time/organization to get it all done. May you all be Blessed today!

  19. I struggle with what to offer as I’m not a business owner-but thinking I know there are new businesses out there who would also like to get some new customers, maybe I could ask them to team up together in an effort to thank existing readers and new ones.
    Thank you for the advice and call to action!

    • Even just an expression of heartfelt appreciation for your audience will go a long way. That’s why I timed the article the way I did — you can use this week to come up with a few ideas, decide on a simple one, and get it done. 🙂

  20. I have the “advantage” of having both blogs and online shops and am thinking about offering a discount (like 14% off on Valentine’s Day) for my current customers, readers and subscribers.

  21. I don’t yet have products to sell but I will absolutely send much “love” to my readers. And this is definitely going to be a task that I keep for my future offerings.

  22. I have a review and giveaway mom blog. I try to post enticing questions to get participation and it hasnt worked well. I have thanked them for following, told a little story, etc. with little interaction.

  23. I believe in the loyalty of previous customers – i will be adding a thank you blog post to them, and to prospective customers. Sometimes just a simple message – no ad, no buy me buy me, means a lot to customers.

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