New and Improved Prizes for the Twitter Writing Contest

New and Improved Prizes for the Twitter Writing Contest

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  1. what I mean was “the” prizes.. hehehe 😀 sorry for the “there” i was so sleepy.. i think im gonna sleep now.. may the best twitter story teller wins 🙂

  2. Did you say that there was a Mind DeFragmenter in those prizes? Yeah, yeah, I think that there was. I think it was the Full access pass to BlogWorld 2008. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  3. Any word on when you’ll announce the winners? It’s the Friday before a holiday, so does that mean right at 5pm, or Monday, or Tuesday (or whenever the heck you want)?

    Any answer is fine, but folks might be wondering…

  4. Yeah great prizes. I’m hoping my submission makes the cut! I could use some kind of auditory distraction from the ramblings of the masses on the train during my morning commute.

  5. I DON’T GET IT, I have visited twitter at least 10 times reading different people’s accounts and I just don’t get it!!!!! Someone explain it to me 🙁

  6. Will you be posting ~all~ the stories you received? I’ve been trying to keep up by subscribing to the comments but my email was ~inundated~ with too many links to follow (or read) them all.

    Again, GREAT idea! =)

  7. Lolagrrl, I’d love to post all the comments, but something tells me it won’t happen at this point. Unless someone wants to volunteer, post all the entries on their blog and I’ll link to it?

  8. Brian,
    Hmmmm… That is something I might be willing to undertake but I’m wondering if I’d be able to get it done in time?
    When are you announcing the winner?
    Are you doing a first-round elimination to weed out some entires, double-entries, etc. ?
    Feel free to email me.

  9. Brian,

    You mentioned you would link if someone aggregated all the links together in one place. I know you’re inundated with mail right now, but I just wanted to let you know that I did put together a page showing all the entries using Diigo and posted in the comments of the original page. (In just updated it now to reflect new entries up to this point as well.)

    A brief explanation and links to two different views can be found on my blog. It took me forever to do, but I think it makes the entries a LOT easier to digest, so if you could link to it that would be great!

    The post is here.

    Here’s to hoping this signal makes it through the noise!

    If anyone notices any entries I missed or has suggestions for improving it, let me know.


  10. I made it in by the hair of my skinny skin skin. Submitted story link, went back to Twitter to refresh, and it had that familiar “Something is Technically Wrong” greeting. I think this contest will show, in addition to copy writing chops, the ability to slip in and strike while Twitter is alive and kicking.

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