The Winners of Twitter Writing Contest 2 Are…

The Winners of Twitter Writing Contest 2 Are…

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  1. Congrats to these gifted winners — great haikus – and deserving of prizes all! Thanks also for the thoughtful way you selected to stay transparent and show your judges. I’d say you yourself were the winner too because of the way you respected writers! Nice Thanksgiving gift, and makes us all proud! Ellen Weber

  2. This contest got us writing them internally (we fight spam at Maysoft for Lotus Notes email users). So, in honor of all the efforts by all the participants, here is one last one (about McColo shutting down and spam volumes dropping 70% worldwide):
    big spammer shut down / huge percentage drop in junk / it will never last

  3. OMG!!! Thank you so much. I can’t believe I actually won the third price 🙂 Can’t wait for January.

    Thank you Brian, Darren, Laura, Chris, and Lisa! I really appreciate it!

  4. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little disappointed, but after reading through the winners, I can actually say that they all deserved it. Great job!
    And thanks so much Brian for hosting this contest!
    SCATJ aka Robin

  5. Not surprisingly, the winner is not a haiku. What can you expect when a person who does not have a faintest clue of what a haiku is holds a haiku contest.

    I used to hold very high respect for you, but with this ridiculous contest you lost it all. A professional writer should know what a haiku is (especially a copywriter, considering copywriting is very close to poetry).

    Epic fail.

  6. @Maija Wow, what a way to attempt to spoil a really fun contest. It got our whole office writing and IMing attempts at Haiku. And, not surprisingly, some broke the 5-7-5 syllable rule. Did that make them less fun? No, not at all. The winning entry won’t be posted in American Poety journals, but the fun we all had will be remembered…

    Epic spoilsport.

  7. Disappointed at not winning I am. For the winners, in *awe* I am. By the creative outlet this contest provided, thank you.

  8. Brian,

    Great fun. Thanks for opening this up for submissions. Haiku has a way of reaching for the heart. It would be great if you’d list all the entries as a .doc for downloading, just for the fun of it. What say ye?

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