The Light and Dark of ‘Tidying Up’ for Writers

The Light and Dark of ‘Tidying Up’ for Writers

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  1. Stefanie – I feel like this post was written just for me! As a content writer for a small company, sometimes I struggle with my two creative dark side buddies: “something better” and “more than.” After they visit, I’m left with pages of doodles and ideas that go in so many directions, I end up feeling depleted, discouraged and unable to move forward. Thanks for the idea of applying the”tidying up” concept to the creative process.

    • Thanks for sharing, Allison!

      Your creative dark side buddies sound like a lot of fun — a bit like rowdy party guests who make a mess and leave before it’s time to clean up. 😉

      Even if there’s nothing you can do about the party guests, there’s a lot of hope for grooming your creativity into a productivity machine.

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  2. Hello Stefanie, I really enjoyed this article! I come from the literary backround (fiction and poetry). Thus, the concept of tidying up is like my old frenemy. I just started to become more interested in online marketing as selling books does not make much money unless you are very big (Is that a wrong motivation? I do not think so.) What is your advice for a beginner in this field? Is it possible to ‘write well’ if you do not know the niche? Is it neccessary to read up a lot about it in order to produce a high-quality content? What do you think? Thanks!

  3. Being both a writer and an editor I can relate to the dark and light side of tidying up. I always enjoy a better final product and sometimes it is easy but sometimes it isn’t pleasant getting there!

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