3 Smart Moves that Supercharge Sales Funnels with Content

3 Smart Moves that Supercharge Sales Funnels with Content

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  1. I would also like not add that you should sell something at the end of every piece of value content.

    Every time you write a blog post or Facebook post, first give them a ton a free value followed by an offer.

    Like Amanda said, remove the “Fuzz”.


  2. I found your post ‘spot-on’ and very relevant for internet sales and marketing. The better one knows their customer, the phase they are in…the better one can serve them.

  3. Funnels can be pretty tough but the only way to get it is doing it and improving not only with failures but with passion about helping or providing value over than making money.

    I am learning a lot from funnels and this post is very helpful, I don’t have my own funnel yet but is something I have in mind for the near future.

  4. Thanks Amanda for sharing such a useful tips!
    I always used Google analytics funnel to check user exit and promote those pages which have maximum exit. I will use your tips and try some A/B testing for right promotion.

  5. I can say, these are perfect three supercharge charged stages, which can lead to better sales funnels.

    Phases of Building and Awareness, Consideration and the last one buying phase. But after these 3 stages, I followed one more phase and named it as “Cheerful” phase. In which I encourage my audience to stay connected on various social channels and ask them for their reviews or survey. And I guess this is the happy ending of a sale funnel.

      • Yup, it is. Thanks for the compliments.

        I am researching and planning a content to write especially for this “Chearful” Phase.

        Hope so, I will complete that soon and will share with you, my friends.

  6. Good share Amanda,
    I always follow these steps: give free tips > collect email > give more tips and guide > 4-5 email for tips + 1 email to sale product.

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