5 Bad Habits that Will Tank Your Social Media Marketing

5 Bad Habits that Will Tank Your Social Media Marketing

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  1. A perfect useful article, Sonia!
    As Dale Carnegie taught, in a conversation listening is more important than speaking. I am a retired journalist and I see that is important to use social media as platforms to communicate, than using them for informing about what you think, sell or want to say.
    In Italy, for example, the Democratic Party lost the elections because they didn’t listen to people needs and thoughts.
    P.S. Sonia, your surname is Italian, isn’t it?

  2. Great article, Sonia! Definitely a must-read for clients who don’t understand social media strategies. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for hitting all these points Sonia. It’s great to be reminded about the company you want to keep on social media and to keep it all a real conversation.

  4. Honestly Sonia, I’m not sure where I am on the chit chat/strategy spectrum.

    Largely because I’m still trying to figure out whether social media is part of a push or pull marketing strategy.

    Would love your thoughts on where the balance exists

  5. Hi Sonia, after reading your article I realized that I’m more on the “strategy” spectrum when I bother at all to be on social media. Any advice for people who want to be “out-there” – and genuinely connecting – but not on a daily basis?

    • I think the best option is probably to schedule a regular habit, but keep very tight boundaries around it. So maybe it’s 15 minutes a day. Or you do a pass in the morning and one in the evening to just make a bit of conversation with someone. That’s one reason it’s important not to be on a million platforms — even that minimal commitment can be really time-intensive once you get to more than 1 or 2.

  6. Thank you for the great article! I’m in the process of starting a new business and I always feel overwhelmed when I think about trying to keep up with social media!

  7. Great article Sonia, thank you. Sometimes it is hard to get the balance right between the chat and the serious stuff – good to be reminded!

  8. Boy am I guilty of spreading myself too thin. Not just with social media either… I tend to be equally stuck in strategy as well :-/

    I’m just a mess, lol! Is there any hope for me? 🙂

  9. Great read – I work in the learning and development field and we are starting to integrate learning solutions through social media. One of the early lessons I am learning relates to point #5 – following through with a sound strategy for long term chit and chat will help keep our target engaged. It’s a tough balancing act of using social for business purposes while maintaining the integrity of the social platform which is fun and acts as social outlet and personal soundboard.

  10. I started using social media as a user way before I ever started using it “for business” so I think I still manage to balance scheduled stuff and conversational things. But even then, I try to tweet out 9 or 10 interesting, fun, or just plain cool articles for every 1 of my blog posts! I still see social media as something of a giant global water cooler and I’d be sad if I didn’t chat to actual people.

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