What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

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  1. When I first started blogging I would just write aimlessly and got burned out – no visitors, no return, turned into no motivation!

    I sorted it out now got all my content planned for at least 1 month in advance and it all follows a sequence, everything is working as it should,

    Thanks for the share…


  2. That’s a awesome content marketing checklist ideas. I would depend on some ones checklist for content marketing and this 13 questions helps us to create custom content marketing strategy for different sites. Good one

    Mohan raj

  3. This article gave me an idea: Content marketing strategy needs to be the next Copyblogger Content Challenge!

    Excellent article, Demian! Instant follow in Twitter, too! You’re one of the most helpful and informative writers on the Rainmaker Digital Team and on the greater Internet that I have ever read and learned from!

    • Thanks, JD, for the kind words, and yes, that sounds like a good idea for the next CB content challenge. Not sure what the others have up their sleeve … we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m sure they will like this idea, too.

  4. Thanks Demian.

    This article is extremely useful. Content is truly a barrier to inbound marketing for many businesses. I notice that many who produce content also do so in isolation without taking into account the needs to their clients. It’s extremely important to define the buyer persona to the letter and I like the way you the word “she” is brilliant!

    I find that many also make the mistake of thinking that they need to have and queue their content well in advance. This is not the case as sometimes, you will need to evaluate the performance of previous content before your produce the other.

    Content creation is a gradual work in progress.

  5. Hi Demian

    If this is how content marketing staretgy is made then now worry I did’t evne know that I m making staretgy for my business like i always note down who is my compititors and what they are doing to get users and all that .Thanks you remineded me that I’m using it 🙂

  6. great post with lots of helpful links to follow. I’m trying to develop my strategy but as you mention, first it’s about growing trust, having repeat readers and providing useful and entertaining content again and again. Thanks for this?

    Would you suggest I developing a longterm strategy for a beginner blogger, like me?

    • If you mean by “long term” three months, then yeah. A year long plan at the most. Definitely go for it. Any thing beyond that, as anyone will tell you, will change so drastically you’ll have to throw your plan out. 😀

  7. When I was teaching Public Relations courses at our local universities, I introduced students to the use of Managing By Objectives and how to integrate that approach into the development of a written PR strategy. Briefly, it begins with stating the Goal — a measurable goal — with a deadline — and beginning with the infinitive “To..” Then, you ask yourself “How” … how will that be accomplished. The first responses are broad. Each time a “How” question is answered, you become more specific. The first “hows” are the Objectives. Under the Objectives are the tactics. When properly done, you can read the strategy backward by asking the question “Why?” ……….. and if all falls into place correctly, you’ll get an A!

    Metrics should be use in every statement.

    The benefit of this approach is it provides a structure in which to create a strategy. Having that structure means your thinking suddenly has a path to travel that is mapped out in front of you. Creating the strategy is done faster and with less stress. Try it! You may like it.

    I even use this process to write speeches on the fly. Makes me fast!

  8. Hi Demian,

    You’ve given us a lot to chew on here. I’ve applied a few of these exercises and found them beneficial, particularly answering those 13 questions and fleshing out customer personas.

    There are some other ideas here to consider.

    Appreciate you putting this together, kind sir.

    Have a fantastic week,


  9. Hi Demian, great post. I really appreciate the way you structured the post – simple, easy to understand, and a delight to read. The 13 questions are a qreat way to start building a strategy from. Apart from measuring the results, I find it very important to really take time to analyze the data and optimize content accordingly. I only started getting good results when I put more emphasis on analyzing the results. Thanks for the helpful post, shared it with colleagues.

  10. Thanks for the post. I will be making use of the ideas here. I espishally liked the 13 questions listed, and will be making use of them.

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