Rank Checker From SEO Book

Rank Checker From SEO Book

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Brian. I don’t check SEO Book nearly as often as I should (I really should subscribe to it), so I had completely forgotten about this.

  2. I just installed the Rank Checker, tested it, and sorry to say but it brought back results that were not accurate with Google. We use commercial software to run ranking reports for our clients, this free tool would be helpful if it worked properly. I’ll de-install it and wait for a update that does function properly.

  3. “… this free tool would be helpful if it worked properly …”

    It’d be helpful if it worked at all. The version I installed didn’t do anything… I could only enter text in fields and click the cancel button.

  4. Hi Brian and Copyblogger readers. Thanks for the mention Brian. πŸ™‚

    This extension *should* work quite reliably…there are features that we still need to add, but I tested this, had my community members beta it, and then got more feedback from SEO Book readers on some errors to fix.

    The one major reason for some ranking variations in the US is that we grab 100 results per page. Due to how Google clusters results, grabbing 100 at a time can result in some differences in rankings. We plan to offer the option to allow users to grab 10 results per page in the next major update.

    As far as international results go, there are options from “the web” and “UK only.” Right now we grab results from the “__ only” part. I am thinking about shifting that to “the web”.

  5. I’ve been using this tool since the release and it works pretty well, at least for us in our vertical. I run some benchmark tests with commercial software and was pleased to see that SEOBook Rank Checker performed well. Plus it’s a handy plugin that may reduce the number of Google Error messages / captcha when running a quick check.

  6. I’ve been using it for a week or so and have been getting inconsistent results. Right now it is telling me that my site doesn’t rank at all, when I can do the search manually and see the results on all 3 search engines.

  7. I am afraid I am not receiving consistent results either πŸ™ I have checked 20 keywords at a time and cross checked with another, paid tools and manual results and it shows difference of 3 to 6 positions on half of the keywords. I love the idea of this plug in, but can you make it more accurate? I don’t care too much about the exact position after page 5, but for the first two pages on Google its kinda crucial..

  8. I’ve only just started using it here in Australia. It seems inaccurate to me as well. One of my pages in particular ranked 3rd for a particular keyword but according to Rank Checker was ranked about 60th.

  9. Aaron Wall has some great tips on his site, and a lot of useful plugins (for free).

    I use the Rank Checker quite a bit, but I agree with others about it not being 100% accurate (as Aaron himself already stated).

    One thing people should keep in mind though, is that your search engine results (when you check them manually), may be different if you are signed in.

    For example, when I am signed into Google, I see a rank of number 2 or 3 for one keyword. When I am not signed in though, it can drop to 3 or 4. This is because Google’s results can sometimes depend on your location and/or search habits.

    The rank checker is sometimes accurate to the manual results, however, it is sometimes off by about 2 slots. Overall, it is a pretty useful tool though.

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