10 Cool Links for Bloggers and Copywriters

10 Cool Links for Bloggers and Copywriters

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  1. Danny, fair enough. I’m going to set up a way for you all to send me links (email isn’t the solution). I would really like to feature stuff from lesser-known sources, but I just need a way to manage submissions that works.

  2. Brian, great links. I have a question. what is your philosophy on linking out to others, how do you choose to whom you link to?

  3. @Brian

    As a new blogger, I imagine it would be pretty difficult to manage link submissions from newer bloggers and filter through the good and bad content.

    Although I would LOVE if an A-blogger like yourself linked to a lesser-known blog like myself, but thinking in your shoes, do you want to open the flood gates?

  4. P.S.: Somehow I’ve also noticed that posts with P.S. usually get more time spent. Thanks for sharing. Links are just great if helpful and relevant.

    P.S2.: can’t remember who inspired me to try, but “All the truth about e.g. copyblogger…” also works quite well. 😉

  5. These are some great resources. I especially like the internet marketing handbook. I’m always looking for tips and tools to share with colleagues, I’ll have to send these around!

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