Pez Dispensers and Living the Big Lie

Pez Dispensers and Living the Big Lie

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  1. I think that it is more about the quality of the lie than the size that makes it effective. With eBay the “real” story is boring so the there is no incentive to drop the lie and go back to it. The lie was so good [believable, interesting, entertaining] it replaced reality.

    With JonBenet the incentive is to find out “what really happened” so whats-his-face’s lie will be quickly forgotten.

  2. Don’t do it, Robert (if that in fact is your real name…) 🙂

    Jon, I guess one would have to be a true bonehead to both lie and manage to tell a low-quality story in the process. 🙂

  3. I’m incredibly lazy. It’s just so much easier to be honest and transparent. Have fun with the truth? Sure, why not. But unadorned truthfulness — as opposed to truthiness, a wonderful weasel word if there ever was one — means one less lie to spin, one less headache to medicate.

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  5. I’m a loyal reader and an admirer of your powerful writing. But using Mein Kampf to reinforce your point? That’s hard to take, no matter how apropos.

  6. Hi Asha, sorry if that went a bit too far.

    Too many people are too casual with the truth when it comes to marketing.

    I thought pointing out the genesis of a certain line of thinking might make it easier to realize that authentic really is the way to go.

    Didn’t mean to offend. 🙂

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