Marketing Meltdown? It’s Time to Optimize Your Efforts!

Marketing Meltdown? It’s Time to Optimize Your Efforts!
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  1. It’ll be nice to have the series back. What a nice person to try to help out in bad economic times. I thought it was all supposed to be OK now since Obama is going to be president?

  2. Will this improve YOUR bottom line? (chortle chortle).

    Not if you do our website. We sell eBooks in the $3.95 – $4.95 bracket. Great way to read for less coin and a good place for good authors to get published with a great royalty plan.

    But probably not something that would make you a lot of money.

    Moral (you knew I had a point to make): Leverage your time. Do first that which will pay the greatest return on your “investment” of time.

  3. Your post does a double service: not only does it remind us to squeeze every bit of effectiveness out of our efforts, but provides free help in an area that many people struggle with. We’re going to recommend your makeovers to our students!

  4. I am not familiar with this series, but it sounds great. I’m sure that this sort of program will be beneficial to so many writers out there who need to really focus their efforts on making money. Thanks for posting!

  5. Well done Roberta, and you are the perfect person for the job. Having been on the receiving end of your tough love I can, with confidence, assure doubters they will receive a significant ROI on their donation.

  6. I really appreciate it when people come up with ideas that are out of the ‘normal’ corporate ways of doing things. I was a public school teacher with a very small amount of classroom funding and we were always having to think of creative ways to get things done. Social media is obviously helping to bring this to the corporate world.

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