Why Not Sell Physical Stuff With Digital Media?

Why Not Sell Physical Stuff With Digital Media?

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  1. What a fantastic example of excellence in copywriting… at least for me, trying to comprehend how to write effectively. This article is brief, on point, and draws me to take action.
    I will read and listen to the business model recording, but just had to acknowledge your work, right now. Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed this! I’ve spent over a decade working with clients that sell tangible items and I have to say I agree with Ben — it’s a totally different game than selling downloads. When you’re expecting a customer to pay up front and wait for a product to arrive by mail, there’s a totally different level of trust and credibility involved than selling instant gratification. Also- I’d agree with everything he said about refunds. I’ve found them to be lower with tangibles, too. Now I’m off to check out Ben’s site! Thanks for a great interview and for the many great people and sites I find here!

  3. Ben, I tried getting started with physical products a few years back, but it didn’t go so well.. Nothing to do with the fulfillment company, just the fact that I sucked at marketing and sales. Now that I’m doing the blogging, email optin and follow up thing, I can probably do this.

    Kunaki is a great Option for those who want to sell DVDs and CDs without having to buy inventory. Thanks for this great podcast..

  4. Selling physical products definitely give me more joy than selling digital products. Building a great product line and dealing with real customers are all part of what I enjoy about selling physical products.

  5. Ben…I hope this isn’t too forward of a question, but how much does your fulfillment company bill you on a monthly basis to stock your product? That’s kind of an issue for me right now…

  6. Selling tangible goods online is a great way to start making money because it is a simple real world concept. Goods in exchange for money. Couldn’t be any simpler than that. This is why so many people have turned to amazon and eBay and other merchants to start their business. It gains almost instant income. This could also be risky, because what if you are like some people and you have a high inventory of tangible goods but people aren’t buying your products? That’s not a good place to be. You can also use a drop ship company, but that also costs you money. So what am I trying to say here you may be wondering, it is simple really- selling tangible goods is like opening a brick and mortar business.

  7. It has become a trend, isn’t it? I’ve always come across instances like this and I see that it always depend on the marketing strategy–how to get the attention of people, how to try to convince these people, etc. I think this topic will always be an open debate.

  8. c’mon guys you can’t be serious. i’m from the uk, not from the us, and i can tell you this guy does only one thing, and not even good – he’s trying to justify his own beliefs and preferences and is assuming many people (based on few of his friends as the “sample” of people) like physical products? that guy is like what – 40 years old? go ask 18 years old how they consume media, or news letters. i’m 32 and can’t remember the last time i had printed paper in my hand (ok, it was today – local paper metro in london, uk). printed stuff is for single people who have shit load of time on them or for cave men like your mr. T. most people consume media online – there’s reason for that.

    if i paid for newsletter 140 usd, like the guy is saying, i’d consider myself the dumbest person in the class.

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