How to Craft No-Brainer Marketing Offers [Free Poster]

How to Craft No-Brainer Marketing Offers [Free Poster]

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  1. I was always aware of the fact that marketing can represent the main income for my online business even if my pages were willed by ads.
    I made a few tests, and I realized that the presence of the ads reduces the number of orders, so I removed them to recover my clients.

  2. Hey Hashim!

    I think self-confidence has a lot to do with your marketing offers, as well. Almost as if people on the other side can feel your self-confidence through your words. It might sound a bit weird but I believe this is true.

    I’m realizing that marketing is an energy game more than anything. Of course, you have to be smart and have the right approach along with following the right steps. But, your “vibe” helps a lot and can really make a difference, as well.

    I like the little infographic here. This is interesting to read and learn more about.

    Thank you so much for sharing this info!

    Best regards! 😀

  3. Thank you for sharing this infographic and your insights! I agree, it’s comes down to energy, belief in your product, and building a connection with your readers.

    I still think of myself as a bad salesman… I definitely needed this “push” to amp up the energy and cut through the mush to deliver irresistible offers.


    • Holly, my change in mindset now allows me to present a great offer with all the confidence and flair I have when presenting my kids with a christmas gift I know they’ll love.

  4. Hashim,

    Thank you for your excellent post. For a long time I was stuck in the mindset that my product “would sell itself”; a no-brainer that didn’t require an offer. Yes, I could sell some that way. But of course I was leaving money on the table. The RUVU formula is simple and covers all the essential components of any offer. I’ll be sharing that with my team. Good stuff!


  5. “Yes, I could sell some that way.”

    That’s why a poor offer is so hard to diagnose, right?

    A great product matched with the right audience will sell decently.

    But a great offer ups sales to a different level.

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