A New Look for Copyblogger in 2020

A New Look for Copyblogger in 2020

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  1. Thanks Tim, I’ve bookmarked to have a listen one evening having just started back checking the site out (New Year Resolution)

  2. Everyone should bookmark this. The concept of producing the content with the new strategy of publishing Netflix type or series-style information is really awesome. If you have limited information on a particular subject, you can publish the content in one go. This is really a new thing for me.

    Tim, I especially like the part where you talked about organizing the content at one cornerstone subject on the same URL. The advice regarding writing the dynamite content and ending the endless content rat race is really helpful. I think this will certainly add value to my content.

  3. Definitely bookmarked this to listen to it in the car on the way to work. I’m new to the site and found it really useful already.

    I’m just getting started with my blog and content creation and can use every tip and trick I can get!

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