7 Practical Marketing Productivity Links

7 Practical Marketing Productivity Links

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  1. When did you guys decide to start publishing a post like this? I haven’t checked the blog out for a bit. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve found posts like this to be INCREDIBLY useful and I’ve found some great articles this way that I might never have seen. 🙂

  2. The series of blog posts you have posted are helpful and a good source of inspiration for bloggers and writers. I found the article by Mr Patel particularly helpful because I haven’t given myself much time to understand tweeter. Mr Goins also gives simple but highly effective tips.

    Thank you

  3. Yes, I like also if someone else has taken time and posted some helpful and interesting links to interesting articles, the problem is that posts like that can be very time consuming as you start out reading one post but you actually end up reading seven posts J

  4. Got to love those list type posts. I learned a lot in the past months, but you really need to spend literally years to experience what a true relationship with your following is. Baby steps, one at a time. I follow every blog post of Seth Godin and I’m glad i see one of his posts in your list.

  5. Great links, I have used Prose before and its crazy how easy it is to edit. I recommend it to anyone wanting to set up a nice looking site on a budget. Now comes the inevitable hours upon hours of reading and learning other new techniques….I swear I will get some work done today!

  6. I liked your weekly ‘The Lede’ so much that I started to do a curation post on
    my blog! It’s really a great way to learn from bloggers I might never have ran
    into otherwise.

    It’s true, as Hando mentioned above that it gets you started reading several
    posts instead one but I just get back to it at a more convenient time if I have to,
    it’s worth it!

    I wonder about the meaning of ‘Lede’?

    Thanks Robert,



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