How Successful is Your Landing Page? The 3 Key Metrics You Need to Know

How Successful is Your Landing Page? The 3 Key Metrics You Need to Know

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  1. You call this article the 3 key metrics, but I don’t see a #1, #2, and #3 in this page. I read… then I skimmed.. and finally I’m lost.

    What were the keys I was suppose to be getting?

  2. #2 doesn’t seem important to me. Isn’t it that same as #1? Shouldn’t a properly designed landing page give the user the option of either making a conversion or leaving the page?

  3. Thanks for making it perfectly clear on how conversion rates affect your ROI. I have seen a ton of articles lately on this very topic. We have been focusing on this very thing lately with some intriguing results. Here’s some things that we have observed concerning lead conversion, particularly web leads:

    Our research shows that the average salesperson only makes four to five attempts to contact a new lead in the first week. This means only 55% of a company’s web leads will actually get contacted.

    There are solutions available that trigger callback attempts within seconds. They will continue to make twenty or more attempts at different times of the day and different days of the week to boost contact rates above 85%. Also, these solutions can automatically market to these leads and continue to generate prospects every 3-4 weeks for 2 years or more.

    Speed is critical. We are finding that most leads sit somewhere between forty-eight and seventy-two hours before the salesperson actually attempts the first live contact. Much of the slowdown in routing leads is because there isn’t a pre-defined process to decide which salesperson get’s to work the lead. Many sales managers still dole out leads by hand after taking time deciding who is best suited to work each of the leads.

    Bottom line: Acquire a system that immediately and systematically pushes the leads to the best qualified salespeople. A system that also allows the salespeople to immediately and frequently respond to leads and turn them into prospects. Again, this simple but overlooked approach can boost net results by 20 to 200%.

  4. Since I’m not selling anything on my site per se, I’ve found it difficult to track conversion. In my case, conversion means “RSS Subscriber.”

    It’s difficult to tell which pages create the most subscribers — since it may have in fact been a cumulative effect, the result of multiple visits.

    I’ve been using time-on-page and bounce rate to determine the success or failure of a particular article, but I’m still searching for a satisfactory way to measure conversion.

    So far, I’m taking “total visitors” and deriving from that the “percent Subscribers.” But this is only helpful for evaluating the site as a whole, not any one particular article (landing page).

  5. Web Analytics seems to be a science to me, for what I have been reading about it over the web.
    Have recently registered with , to have some web statistics for my marketing team to work on.
    Are there any consultants who can setup a process for my marketing team.

  6. I was just wondering how to implement this theory if you are a free web service realizing in banners. I mean, how can you count the cost per sale and conversion rate because we are not selling anything.

  7. Great article! It seems silly to set up a page advertise and then scratch your head as to why MAYBE its not working. Captilize your time and make sure your page is effective and bringing in the results you want. If it is not bringing in the sales, then time to change.

    Thanks for the information appreciate the time you took to create.

  8. Thanks for such a great resource. I’ve been experimenting with different types of landing pages (outsourced and mine) and I’m going to go back to them afters reading through this module.

  9. For landing page metrics you can also try our service . Pagealizer helps site owners get insight on how powerful their site content is. We show you in great detail how long people stay on your page, how far they scrolled down the page and where they clicked.

  10. Thanks Roberta for enphasizing the importance of these key metrics. I find that most of the businesses I speak to fly totally blind in regard to this whole subject. At best they focus on driving traffic to their site, but they seldom keep track of their metrics

  11. I’ am commenting not only to say this is a fantastic post, in reply to the first comment “it kept me reading, there are 3 clear key points too” i think the points covered here are very important and well documented here.

  12. I’ve had a hard time justifying CPC advertising. I use it sparingly, and thought it’s a necessary evil. You’ve made me rethink its priority.

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