Landing Page Makeover Clinic #7:

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #7:
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  1. Wow, that was an indepth review. the part I liked the most above all was the bonus points where you wrote about the deluxe edition when there are no standard edition mentioned.

    That surely creates confusion. Also I think the ebook pricing should be a little less than whats its at, my point.

  2. Hey! Mind mapping does work 🙂 I use it alot in almost everything and it really makes tough situations real simple.. i wonder how this works.. hmm…

  3. I have another suggestion for Chuck…

    Why not charge $49.95 and position this to small-business CEOs or webmasters (not both!)?

    You could see an increase in sales and revenu, try it for 7 days and you’ll see what I mean.

    Codrut Turcanu.
    “Succeeding Against All Odds!”

  4. Good review.

    But the premise of the product seems somewhat flawed. Buying a mind-mapping sofware is not such a huge financial decision that most people can warrant purchasing a manual on how to make that decision.

    While mind mapping sells well and directly offers benefits, the benefits of this product are softer and more prevention oriented, which is always a harder sell.

    If the creator wishes to persist in this angle, FEAR will be their greatest ally in what will likely remain a tepid pitch.

  5. Alex, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I also agree with you. Here’s an excellent example of a niche product serving an ever “niche-ier” market that, as you pointed out, doesn’t have a strong “big idea” driver making it a tougher sell.

  6. Just kill the two choices and offer one with two bonus reports for a middle of the road pricing point.

    People respond to less choices, right?

  7. Hi Jeremy, actually here’s a case where you can actually do 2 choices. Publishing products oftentimes have a deluxe and standard edition. I would, however, always lead with the benefits of the deluxe and offer a default to the standard.

  8. It seems that these ebook pages do two things really well, or at least, according to Roberta, they should:

    1. Be as specific as possible, do not assume that your prospect knows anything

    2. Lead the reader where you want them to go. The more benefits given, and reasons why the easier it is to make the sale.

    Thanks Roberta…and Brian too!

  9. I enjoyed Alex Goad’s point and also add: good copy will never overcome a poor offer.

    This person could perhaps test giving away this ebook and appropriately filling it with affiliate links to various mind mapping software. (Some mind mapping software is quite expensive, and the affiliate commissions can run into the $200+ mark – far exceeding the price point for the ebook currently).

    To me, I would expect to see this ebook given away for free – in exchange for an email address – positioned at the top of a popular, lucidly well written blog.

  10. I would also add a video tutorial on “how to most effectively use Mind Maps” that I would sell as a back end – or – include as a bonus for prospects who purchase the most expensive Mind Mapping software through my affiliate link.

  11. My thoughts exactly SB John. Thanks for sharing some valuable strategic thinking when it comes to ebooks, because often it’s not selling the book that makes money, it’s what the book sells.

  12. I appreciate your candor and directives.

    Too often we used tired, trite language – leaving the visitor wanting more meat.

    We have to recognize that visitors need us to use our online approach to energize their eyes and shake things up a bit.

    Instead we use mundane and boring language that drags our readers through the mud and leave them with little to look forward to.

    Again…thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  13. Hi Roberta,
    1. A pretty significant problem with going for the ‘fear of wasting your money’ approach is that most mind mapping software is available under a free trial period – two to four weeks. Maybe the ‘fear of wasting your time’ component should carry much more weight.
    2. Many products are out-and-out free, so potential users with doubts can play with FreeMind, Compendium (concept mapper), VYM or InfoRapid KnowledgeMap (free with nags) say.
    3. There’s a heap of web-based mind mapping products available on a small monthly subscription, and when trying them out, a would-be user can often try them free as well, if they limit the number of maps they make until they’ve decided if they want to commit to the product.
    4. People in business often have no choice – the enterprise uses and supplies a license for MindManager.

    The master list of mind mapping &
    information management software

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  15. After reading your post, I can definitely see how mind-mapping can benefit me and my business ventures much more. Thanks for the detailed explanations!

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