Teaching Sells is Live

Teaching Sells is Live

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  1. Only got the email an hour ago and signed up already. Looks like great content and know I’ll learn lots from the programme.

  2. Congratulations on Google helping you with backing your reasoning to start this program.

    One question: You’re spreading it out over 3 months right, so is the course material individually distributed or does it start for everybody at the same time and end at the same time?

    Holy Crap, I just realized who Tony Clark is, I linked him in a great little contest I did back in May. He won too! Now I know why he refused the lame $100 PayPerPost credit prize!

    Ha, small world huh!

  3. Brian, I’m interested in signing up, but I have concerns about ongoing membership costs. I.e. after the initial 3-month program, will it be significantly more expensive to continue?

    This is a pretty big concern for a newly married college student such as myself!

    I noticed you’re in Dallas – my wife is from there and I worked there last summer. I probably drove by your office and didn’t even know it!

  4. Ditto on Hyder’s question about the 3 month schedule, as I have a (much-needed) vacation coming up soon that will take me away from my online biz…

    BTW, Brian — the fact that you are NOT doing a typical affiliate-overloaded launch is a big plus in my book. I totally agree with your point of view on that…and so many other things… no wonder I’ll be signing up to your long-term business-building system as soon as I get home! πŸ˜‰

  5. Hyder, Travis and Bonnie, the idea is to present you with a comprehensive picture in 3 months, one that you can use to build and market a membership site.

    The charter member price will never go up, meaning if you stay on board for 3 more months of advanced training and new courses, you’ll never pay more than $97 per 3 month period.

    After this first week, that will change, and the price will continue to go up as more content is available the instant someone joins. The price down the line may end up at $97 a month… it just depends on a lot of factors.

  6. Brian, other than the Copyblogger website, what work can you show illustrating you’ve mastered the skills you intend to teach through this course?

    I know you’ve done consulting jobs–who were your partners and where are the results?

  7. Like what I posted in my blog the day I downloaded the free report, I got sold on this one.

    Signed up and parted with $97 of my hard earned money immediately when I received the email saying the program is up and running! πŸ™‚

    Am all exited about it because this is the first time I succumbed to my skepticism about programs like this!

    I browsed through the first course and it looks promising. Good Job, Brian!

  8. Yup, Brian and Tony have both earned my trust – I would have signed up earlier if it weren’t the middle of the night here when the program came out =)

    REALLY looking forward to this, it’s just what a lot of us need at this (for some) critical juncture in time. Nice work so far on Teaching Sells.

    Also very happy to hear that the charter price will remain the same for those who sign up now! Forever is a long time to commit to though…

  9. Like many of those commenting here, I jumped in after reading the report.

    Brian has always delivered quality information that has been worth much more than lots of $97 products out there.

    And I believe that I can learn a lot from this … and yep, Brian has earned my trust too!

  10. Good job!

    I went to signup yesterday and had a bit o’ bother with PayPal! When I login with “petedickson”, I see…

    You have no active membership
    Please use Add/Renew Membership form
    to order or renew your membership.

    on the left-hand side, though there doesn’t seem to be an Add/Renew Membership form anywhere.

    Can you help?

    Is there a support forum/system?

    Looking forward to the journey!



  11. I can’t access the Teaching Sells site at all. There is a possibility it got blocked by the stupid Great Firewall of China… been trying to access it for five minutes with no success. (can’t even load the homepage, nonetheless the members only site).

    Yeah… after I use a proxy there is no problem in accessing the homepage. Then when I switch back to no proxy I can’t access it. (something in China is blocking it) How to solve this problem?

  12. More than a training program this sounds like a well thought out business plan. Which goes to make the argument and conclusion to my Fast Company post that links your blog even more complete — the proof is right here.

  13. 1. Brian – great thing about internet buiness without Google. It is such a smart thing. I have a lot of friends with big Adsense content sites. Their families relly on Google. That is bad. You need diversify your revenue streams.

    2. Good you want to encourage people to build real value! It is a great thing to bring more meaning to the Internet as there is just too much low quality content focused on earning money (again!).

    3. I like the price. It is fair. I can easily cover it from my online income. 97$ / 3 months sounds better for me than Β£33 a month.

    4. Another great point – you encourage people to be more creative and use technologies that make content more attrative and learning easier.

  14. One question I still can’t find answered is how much time is required to adopt the knowledge in these first 3 months? I am sure many of us are pretty busy and this is important for them.

    Other than that – I believe this is one of the few programs really worth paying. I loved the fact that there is no ugly long sales page!

  15. I cannot find anywhere an explanation of the logisitcs of this..are the 5 courses delivered over the course of 3 months, or do we have access to it all right away? It’s #3 I need, and I need it right now, so if it’s a long wait to get that info, then I’m less excited. Also, what is the delivery method of the course? Do we have to show up at certain times for webinars or something?


  16. Bob, the content itself won’t take you more than an hour or two a week. The actions we want you to take to build a site are up to you as far as how much time you invest.

    Oriana, the lessons are delivered throughout the 12 weeks and the study is self-paced. I’ll update the FAQ to include those questions and answers.

    Allan, that problem has happened to about 3 other people. I fixed Pete’s issue by email, I’m sending you one now.

    Anyone who has issues signing up should contact me by email.

  17. Brian, I stumbled upon your site the other day and downloaded the report on Teaching Sells. I’m fascinated with the concept. It makes complete sense to me. I’ve even listened to the mp3 at least 5 times already.

    However, my question is…as an internet newbie, will your course be too advanced, and overwhelm me (I don’t even have a blog yet)? Please be honest…

  18. Hi John,

    The content so far won’t confuse you at all.

    However, implementing all of the open source and paid for solutions into your own teaching site might be a little tougher.

    They haven’t gone into how to set up your site and actually develop your content yet, but I’m guessing they will simplify and streamline the process as much as possible.

  19. I won’t even go into how much I’d agreed with myself that I would pay when Teaching Sells went live, but it was, um, more.

    Signed up within an hour of seeing the email, and working my way through the lessons. I’m really excited about this project–thanks for creating it, Brian & Tony.

    And yes, a model of how to build trust with free content to create very willing customers for paid content.

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