The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Copy that Sticks

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Copy that Sticks

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  1. Awesome tips Greg!

    Every single online marketer needs to understand the importance of “hooks”. After all, if you can’t hook em’ – what’s the use of fishing?

    Ultimately it all boils down to a simple emotion called trust. If your prospects can trust your landing page, they’ll find it easy to trust the face behind it. By using the right hooks, you make your landing page more trustworthy. More inviting. More charming. More real. It’s just how it works.

    So if you really want “reel” in prospects and take a big catch home, it’s about time you focused on creating hooks that do their job.

  2. Getting into bed with your prospects can help you figure out what they really want versus what they say they need. Let’s say your company sells shovels. Why would someone need a shovel? To dig a hole. But why do they need that hole? To plant a garden! They want a beautiful garden and your shovel is the tool to help them get that.

  3. Great article, thanks. You’ve got me wanting to fish now, damnit! Hooked and loving it 🙂 Can’t wait to try these strategies out…don’t want no crickets chirping at my website!

  4. 2 and 4 are KEY.

    Storytelling is the way that we remember everything the best. You can give people facts, figures, features, and benefits until the cows come home, but you only have to tell a person a relevant story once, for it to stick.

    It’s the way the world worked before the printed word, and it’s the way we think and relate to each other.

    So, if you can take a story (2) and mix it with something that the customer can use as a reference (4) like ‘the Romeo and Juliet of 2012,’ or the ‘Tom Sawyer technique for getting clients’, then your customer has an instant picture in her head that you can use as leverage to help your story along.

    Great article. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be doing this more often.

    -Joshua Black

    • Thanks for the comment Joshua,

      People remember stories… or story concepts. they probably won’t remember all of the names and places (like you said), but they will always remember a good plot!

    • Hey Cheri,

      You can use the same hook on all of your landing pages.

      For instance, if your general hook is “Get 1,000 Email Subscribers”, then you can have landing pages like “How to get 1,000 email subscribers via your blog”, and also “How to get 1,000 email subscribers through Facebook”, etc…

      Hope this helps.

  5. On a slight tangent. “Engage, Hook, Connect” is actually the name of a technique created by dating guru, Stephen Nash. He also stresses the importance of storytelling. It seems that seduction and persuasion are two sides of the same coin.

    It didn’t click to me until your getting into bed analogy.

    Thanks for such an informative post.

  6. Greg, no.4 has blown me away to think that this is the key enabler, swap my breath that people always love to come to the place where they have the same interest, problems and source of solution for those, and agree to what you say, we can make the story full of description with a good basis to help prospects visualize their dream and make it true through the story. I myself still figure to do this key somehow. Your three types archetype give me inspiration. Thanks. Regards

  7. Good call on using specific details for hooks and titles, Greg. That always gets me to click! Much more enticing than a bland headline. I’d advise people not to overuse that strategy, though, because sometimes it can sound spammy if too many stats are thrown at readers. I suppose it all depends on what’s being sold or advertised. 🙂

    • Hey Jill,

      Thanks for the comment. I think you are right. if you use the same hook repeatedly on the same offer, then it will get very stale, very fast.

      Thank you again,

  8. Love the information if you are selling a service. I sell clothing. Historically inspired clothing. How can I make that a service. What can I offer in my blogs that people will want to subscribe to? Anyone willing to give me feedback?

  9. Great Points Greg. What I really like about your post is that your every advice is substantiate by a real world example. It means we can check immediately the real life implementation of the tips you are giving which is a great value to your reader. Now thinking to imbibe your writing style in my blogs 🙂

    • Thanks Prabir!

      Personally, I learn a lot faster by seeing the theory in action… I’m so glad that you found that valuable.

      Thank you!

  10. I’m no copywriter, but I do like to poke around valuable information just in case I end up being one. Not only is this well-written, there are examples that give bite to the bark. This is a good read. Thanks!

  11. Hi Greg!

    Great post and these are awesome tips for the beginners and certainly building relationship is really crucial with the customers. Thanks for sharing worthy information 🙂

  12. Thanks Greg for this very informative article. The information you’ve shared here can boost the responsiveness of one’s list. It goes without saying that more conversions and sales can be realised by following the nuggets above. Kudos!

  13. Some very good hook examples to activate creativity in thinking what will capture your viewers imagination. It pays to test different landing page ideas and build on those that convert the best.

  14. I hadn’t been on CopyBlogger in awhile, and now I realize it really should be an everyday ritual. This was a great article – while I do put a lot of focus into the landing page copy I turn out, I’ve never really looked at the concept from these angles before. I don’t think I’ve been “storytelling” nearly enough.

    I’m hesitant to, much of the time, because I feel like it will come off as disingenuous pomp. I think storytelling is an art in and of itself, in addition to copywriting, and not every writer’s cut out for it. Guess it’s time to start practicing!

  15. This was so awesome. Here I was thinking my website is great, looks professional, and then you hit me with the golf stroke example. Yep, I’m just another website offering to improve your golf stroke, or rather, give you copywriting services. I am SO changing this RIGHT NOW! Thank you!

  16. Loved this post so much I had to share the before and after that this post inspired just hours later.
    Superb copywriting at an affordable price. We work with small businesses, nonprofits, and anyone with a good story to tell. Great copy is the foundation of all successful marketing, etc. etc. etc. (blaaaaaaaaah)

    ​Land MORE customers and compete with the BIG WIGS.
    When you sound like an all-star, people treat you like an all-star. They shell out their bucks to buy your products, beg you for more work and then give you referrals. Think ebooks that sell. Websites that convert. etc. etc.
    ​Dozens of small businesses and nonprofits have seen their businesses explode with writing that POPs etc. etc.

    Still have work to do but this totally reframed my thinking. Thank you!!!



  17. Nice post Greg.

    I agree with you in the part when you said that in order to convert new readers into subscribers or buyers of your products or affiliate links, you not only need to have the ability to just write article, but also to make your article speak to people in more appealing manner, as though your new readers are like new customers, while you are the salesman of products.

    We have to make those new readers become interested to read every word of our article until the end of the post. I think that is something that i’m still struggling to learn until now.

  18. Thanks for this – lots of good ideas. Do you have any advice for landing pages viewed on mobile devices? I think that with smaller screens it actually makes it easier (as well as more important) to have one key message.

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