7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Help You Build a Better WordPress Website

7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Help You Build a Better WordPress Website

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  1. This is perfect timing. I am planning a redesign of my website, but wasn’t sure I could use Genesis. I thought it would be too difficult for my skill level. These videos will be a big help.

  2. I really like Magazine, News and Agency.
    Its amazing how easy it is these days to install the WordPress framework and a great looking theme so all you need to do is starting adding content.
    Another thing i like about Studiopress is the way the themes are updated so they only get better and better.
    It represents excellent value now and in the future at a one off investment in today’s dollars.
    Personally i prefer tutorials and video’s to other support options so i’m really looking forward to checking out what StudioPress.tv has to offer for customization.

    • The unlimited updates are a gift that keeps on giving, for sure. There are more video tutorials in the works, and studiopress.tv would love your suggestions. Don’t forget to sign-up for email updates. Cheers.

      • Hi Kelton

        I think you’ll find the best idea’s for creating video tutorials in your forums.

        There’s always heaps of feedback in there which should give you an idea on what beginners need more help with.

        Quality video’s like what WP101 have made are a good start but you can extend these much further to compliment your existing text tutorials and help new theme users to more easily customize a StudioPress theme.

        I’ve also found Brian Gardiner’s tutorials are really easy to follow and video’s could compliment these further by adding more options to what he has already written.

        Maybe some video’s which also compliment your eBook would help as well http://www.studiopress.com/news/genesis-for-beginners.htm

        You’ll get plenty more suggestions if you add a suggestion box on the site itself.

  3. Hi, I love using studio press from last almost 1 and half years now and its been great and I love their support that’s been awesome and the post came out at the right time too as I was thinking of some new changes and get few resource full links to work with.

  4. Great value! I really think that there is just not enough good content like yours on the web, do kudos for bringing value to the marketplace!

    Keep it up!

    Adrian Bolosin

  5. I’ve begun using WordPress and Studiopress exclusively for my new websites and for clients. The forums have been the best resource for help that I could hope for. The videos sound like a super deal, too. I like WordPress for clients because I can empower them to make small updates or take over the management of their site. Some of them still have me do everything, but knowing that they are not bound to me is good for them.

  6. This is a great information about Genesis framework. I am planning to get a paid WP framework for my site. I have read a lot of good reviews about thesis framework but now confused between genesis and thesis. Which one is better ? Any advice

  7. I bought the Genesis framework a few months ago and used to to build a fairly basic, content-driven, site. But I had trouble getting it LOOK good and switched to another theme which was a little more user-friendly. However, these videos, and the use of demo content in particular, have been a big help in getting it back up & running in a visually compelling format. Thanks!

  8. Preaching to the converted Kelton, but this is still a great Genesis resource.
    Two things I love about Genesis…

    1 The themes look great straight out of the box – site can be up and running in hours.

    2 The built-in SEO works like a charm – you only have to fill it in.

    Nice post, great info.

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