Scribe: New Versions & Better Features

Scribe: New Versions & Better Features

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  1. I consider this a great achievement for Scribe, moving to Joomla and Drupal is going to open a new big market, thanks Brian for the good work!

  2. Hi guys,

    This is awesome – it’s just getting better. If I’m already subscribed at the publisher level, and have 30 evaluations per month, is there any way I can upgrade to the Advanced plan at the same price?

    I don’t really want to cancel and resubscribe…

    Let me know please.


  3. Is that $27 a month for the Advanced? If so, that’s a great deal! I can’t wait to start using Scribe. I just heard about it this morning and have been researching all day. Perfect timing to find this special promotion!

  4. Heather, yep … you get the advanced plan for only $27 instead of $97 a month ($70 a month savings … see I can do math 🙂 ). But that deal ends Friday @ 5 central.

  5. Brian– thanks for the quick reply! Woo hoo – just downloaded the plugin – I’m going to optimize my site right now – You made me so very happy! I appreciate you!

  6. I have seen the question asked in a few places… but have yet to see an answer: Is there an ExpressionEngine version in the works? Would love to see that come though! Please let me know!

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