Introducing Copyblogger Radio

Introducing Copyblogger Radio

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  1. Wow! What can I say? I’ll probably not be the first to comment today. That’s because I first have to listen to all 40 radio minutes (Or at least, a good part of it).

    It’s not easy to put together an audio show. I’ve played with radio myself on Blog Talk Radio. It’s not easy to get 2 to 3 people today and come up with topics to discuss.

    I like the dialog format. Having the Copyblogger founder on radio is great. I’ve taken your free course mentioned, “The Internet Marketing for Smart People.” This radio show should deepen this understanding.

    “Giving away free content to things people want to buy.” I really love this quote. I’m glad you talked about putting in time for 2 – 3 years of preparation. It’s not always the instant success you see advertised. Thanks for clarifying this point.

    I like the examples you bring up, like firefighters focusing on mistakes.

    I’m still listening to this great podcast. Glad you mentioned direct response and relationships.

    • More on direct response. I have learned that there is image and direct response advertising. In image advertising, folks like Coke and Microsoft – who have deep pockets – can engage in this. It’s hard to measure ROI.

      I deepened my direct response understanding from the Makepeace Total Package ezine. The founder makes over a million dollars a year in direct response royalties – yet he never graduated from high school . I learned a lot about direct response from their writers.

      Hubspot ezine deepened my understanding about social media and viral marketing. Like you mentioned – the two are not mutually exclusive. They actually compliment each other.

      Copyblogger is one of my top 3 ezines, along with the other two mentioned. This radio show gives you an extra plus in my book. I’m glad you went into business models and how you make money.

    • Dillon,

      How does this make it so much easier? I’d like to know more about this so I can apply it to some of the stuff that I’m working on.

  2. It’s been a long time coming and I’m definitely going to be a regular! Is it always going to be available from I am looking forward to this. Thanks!

  3. Brian,

    This program is great. I’ve listened to the first 25 minutes. It’s a little bit long; hopefully I can find time to finish it later today.

    Thanks for the content.


  4. Just finished listening to the whole thing now. I loved the intro! It might have been cheesy but it was funny!

    Couple of points:

    1.) Excellent work in Las Vegas btw. I watched the presentation a while back and I learned a lot about the realities of blogging. It is so good to have a down to earth honest approach.

    2.) “Other people can sell your stuff better than you can” – Probably the most simple and yet effective line in that whole talk. People spend so much time trying to market their product instead of learning how to get other people to market your own product/site.

    3.) So many people thinking they can make money advertising from blogging the truth is most blogs will just get by and generally advertising downgrades the site anyway unless its done in a very clean way. I fully agree that the best way to make profit is to sell your own stuff. The problem I find with this is it seems like there are only a few areas you can actually sell in…. like tech stuff or marketing world blogs. If for instance you do a blog like mine that is very lifestyle orientated and mainly focused on London we are going to struggle to something unless we write a book one day maybe!?

    Anyway guys this is by far and away the freshest thing on copyblogger at the moment, good work and thanks for all the info!


  5. Oh you’re funny Brian 😉

    so is that smart as in clever (in which case I’m definitely in!) or smart as in glamorous (give your recent mad men post from Jon Morrow) ?!


  6. This really is a great thing, well done in taking the time to get this together. Let’s hope it’s as popular as as everything else you’ve done to date.


  7. This is Great! Definitely glad to hear this as I digest things better sometimes when listening to it. I can also drive and listen to it and get more productivity out of my day.

    Thanks Brian!!!

    • I’m the same, I get a huge value out of listening to informative audio while I’m driving.

      (I don’t have a commute any more, which has been interesting for my audio learning habits, but that’s another story.)

      • Yea, that 45-second walk from one room of the house to other (and it only takes that long ’cause you’ve got a mug of hot coffee in your hand) is a killer. Maybe a 45-second home commuter radio show would work!

  8. Robert and Brian radio….happy dance. Love it. Can draw and listen too. 🙂 Looking forward to Wednesdays with you in review of Smart People Marketing. Hopefully Beatrix will add her voice as well? High Quality audio production guys. Perfect. Smiles all round. 🙂

    • It’s been wonderful having Robert work with us, and having the bandwidth to do the show (and do it in a high-quality way) is really tremendous. 🙂

      And yes, I have every intention of punching my way in and doing some of these. 🙂

  9. Really enjoyed the show and I am looking forward to listening every Weds.

    I liked hearing the figures on what it takes to make it with advertising on your site.

    I also really liked the different levels of relationship marketing and Sonias harpoon analogy.

    As always learned tons…thanks.

  10. “Where’d the bar go?” Oh, there it is way up there. Brian Clark raised it again.”

    Fantastic development.

    The only thing that can top this is Johnny doing video weekly reviews. 😉

  11. ps. I forgot to ask if you guys ever considered audio transcription of your archives. Although I’ve read copyblogger for years now, I suspect there is much material I’ve forgotten or could “re-hear” to reinforce my understanding.

    • There’s actually technology out of Israel that does this and it’s free for bloggers to use. It’s called Odiogo and I use it on my blog, as well as those of a couple of clients. It works automatically and does an excellent job.

      • @Sorry Randy, I can’t handle those computer generated voices. I tried that with a Kindle book the other day and my brain melted.

        Besides, have you heard Sonia’s voice? 😉

        • Shane:
          I haven’t heard Sonia’s voice yet. I’ll bet it sounds good. Maybe someday, we will have perfected these translators, so they sound like the Star Trek computers.

  12. Hey Brian,

    Would you guys ever consider doing something like this live? Maybe take emailed questions etc? Sort of like an actual live radio show that is also recorded and then if people want to listen to it again you can put it out in this format.

    I just thought you have a captive audience already maybe you could just do like a live round up of the posts for the week, have a brief panel discussion over a topic and take a few live questions.

    Just a thought from a novice :p


  13. Great content once again.
    Brian and the gang I would just like to say your blog is solid. I am current subscriber to your blog and an avid follower. I have applied so much of what I have learned here two my now just over 2 years old business and it has helped me catch up and compete with players in my own market here in South Africa. I really want to join the ThirdTribe website and start using your Genesis WordPress theme as a platform to for developing websites for my clients. I get involved as soon as I get my paypal account and convert rands to dollars, its a bit expensive but I know it will be worth it.

    Anyway I just want to say thanks to you and the gang here at Copyblogger. This is not flattery but geniune appreciation for the awesome stuff you guys produce, that has help me stay at the cutting edge of whats going out there in the internet marketing world.

    You guys rock.

  14. I am SO excited about this new podcast! I am a regular and devoted reader of Copyblogger and often listen to poscasts on my iPod while I’m driving — this is the BEST of BOTH worlds.

    Thanks for getting this together and sharing it. I’m looking forward to getting even more great info and tips from you. Have fun!

  15. So, if it’s not a podcast, does that mean there’s no way to subscribe to it? I’m not sure I can wrap my head around that idea. I need an RSS feed. Sounds like it will be very helpful content.

  16. THIS -> “How to avoid getting your content strategy wrong”

    Conversation FTW … interested to see how the format affects the message. I’m expecting a mountain of insightful information as always, but podcasting should present some intriguing contextual differences as far as how the message is received/tone/etc.

    Thank you!

  17. The show is not on yet, and I am already learning; raconteur means someone who tells anecdotes in a skillful way. I didn’t know that. But Google knew. So all’s cool.

    Maybe the show would be even more helpful. Hmmm…

  18. Informative, if a little long.

    Looking forward to it being in iTunes regularly as an *ahem* “podcast”.

    Not sure why the avoidance of the term, though, as this is clearly done with basic Mac tools using OS X native GarageBand app (the “Create Podcast” component, no less!).

    But that’s what I like about it! Good (audio) content, done well, without “gear bloat”, delivered to those who want it.

  19. I just started listening to podcasts so I’ll have to add this one to my rotation. Pat Flynn’s sessions are amazing so you guys have a lot to live up to! 😛

    Listening now…

  20. The theme music is the same as the 404 from (google the 404 cnet), I think they might have changed it but caught me off guard, dang Apple loops!

    Awesome first episode.


  21. Everyone, just to be clear, this is technically a podcast. We’re just not calling it that. 😉

    It’s available via the general Copyblogger feed, and it has its own feed that has been submitted to iTunes. Next week we’ll give you the direct iTunes subscription link, or you can use this now:

  22. Just wanted to point out, even the way this was posted, it IS portable. You can right-click and save it to your device if you want. I did. But a feed will help me make sure I get the next episode. Thanks for posting the feed link! Not everyone wants to get podcasts from iTunes.

  23. Hi guys,

    Love the idea, want to listen, but 40+ mins is way too long.

    And why not just make it easy and call it what it is: a podcast?

  24. I think how long it is depends on how often you publish a new episode. I mean, 40 min. is a long podcast if it’s daily. It might even be long if it’s weekly. If it’s every two weeks, or once a month, 40 min. is not such a long one, then. Just my opinion.

  25. Good Job! More than anything I enjoyed hearing the thought process and consideration developed through your experience(s). Looking forward to the next one!

  26. Bravo! Streamed it from iTunes on my iPod. Great job.

    Just one question Brian. You mentioned that you spent two years doing unimportant stuff with Copyblogger that got in the way of where you were trying to go. Does this mean you were in this period from 2006-2008?

  27. Thanks Robert. Looking forward to listening.

    How about a non-iTunes RSS feed? I see a few readers who want to subscribe on a mobile device, and we can’t use the iTunes link. For me, it’s Podcaster on iPhone.

  28. When people say what I’ve been saying it says to me they’re very smart people.

    I’m in the midst of re-focusing and re-branding and you guys both re-affirmed so much for me in this first broadcast, I’m all goose-bumpy waiting for next week’s.

    With peace & gratitude,

  29. Dear Team – all of you at “Internet Marketing for Smart People” –

    This is a dream come true idea –

    I would love to help in some capacity.

    Check out my “Hire Me” on my blog – some clips of my shows and my E book, “Sales, Lies and Naked Truths.”

    Know this is new but keep me in the back of your head.

  30. This podcast was nothing short of great.
    From a grad student trying to switch disciplines at the end of an entire degree focused on Journalism, this information is like a free education for me. In fact, better than some professors I take getting $8,400 a semester to lecture aimlessly.
    I plan to tune in regularly. And to gain insight into the art of great copy, day by day. Eventually, I’ll break into a shop, if I want it bad enough. And get to show my crazy little ideas to the world…

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