Up for the Challenge? Try This Unusual Method to Help Achieve Your Business Goals

Up for the Challenge? Try This Unusual Method to Help Achieve Your Business Goals

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  1. Hey Beth – Nice article. Hosting challenges sounds like a great way to build lists and ongoing engagement as well and I liked the way you outlined the 5 step process on how to host one. However, like you said, it requires access to an existing community or mailing list. Can you give some tips on how a new entrant can promote their challenge?

    • Hi, Varun – I’d recommend reaching out to strategic partners to help you promote. Reach out to people in your network who have a similar audience, and ask them if you can do a guest post or an email newsletter article for them in exchange for being able to talk about your challenge. Lining up some podcast interviews (again, with people who share your target audience) is also a good idea – just be careful of the timing and make sure the podcast episode will go out when there’s still time to sign up for the challenge.

  2. Thanks for the feature Beth + Copyblogger! Our 30-Day Challenge has been a huge win for us on so many levels— list building, exposure, community impact and just tons of fun too. We love our 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge and hope you’ll join us for the next one… starts October 1st!

  3. Hey Beth,
    This is some good information on how to achieve business goals. I’d never thought to host a challenge but it’s makes sense and will create a lot more engagement with your audience.
    Speaking of audiences could this strategy be used to grow your audience?
    If so do have any suggestions?

    • Hi Shakem!

      You can definitely grow your audience with a challenge. It’s a great way to generate buzz and help people get results that they’ll then credit you for, which is where the word of mouth marketing happens. 🙂

  4. Great post and it is really worth to read it. I am going to bookmark this blog and waiting for the next blog post. I like how you provide options that anyone can implement. Passing this on to friends for sure.

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