The Art of Enchanting Online Marketing with Guy Kawasaki

The Art of Enchanting Online Marketing with Guy Kawasaki

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  1. Excellent interview.

    One of the best little nuggets I got out of it was the point about how Apple isn’t doing well because of what they’re doing right now, but because of what they’ve done in the past.

    That’s not to say that they aren’t doing great things right now, but that it’s only because of the foundation they laid many years ago that they are able to function in the manor they do today.

    Great stuff! πŸ™‚


  2. I always enjoy the show, but I thought this one was particularly strong. This would be a great show for folks to download & listen to a couple of times — there are so many critical points here.

  3. Refreshing to hear that a test of a good blog is content in bullet form.

    Also agree with Guy’s take on Facebook – best used for pictures and video .

    Interview content and sound quality score – Excellent.

  4. What a surprise to hear you two talking Dale Carnegie! Third time in 3 days that people I seriously respect have brought “How to Win Friends” up.

    My fav quote from this interview? “Apple’s idea of a focus group is Steve’s right hemisphere talking to his left.” #instantclassic


  5. Great interview! There’re just two mantras for success in the online (or offline) world – offer a solution for people’s problems, and create ‘enchanting’ stories around this solution.

  6. Thanks Brian! As always, very valuable information and great interview! I loved to hear how Guy is using Twitter and Facebook, as its always have been my questions, what is the balance and how to use it right, so we truly come across helping and not pitching and miss-using our followers and friends.
    I am buying his book….you convinced me πŸ™‚
    Thanks again and Happy Easter!

  7. thank you! i love guy’s approach. he’s helping others, he’s sharing a flow of information, he’s MAKING A RELATIONSHIP. that is what i want to do with people. this was inspiring and joyful for me. thanks! geri

  8. Thank you for this valuable information. Its always good to obtain knowledge to form lasting relationships.

    Dale Carnegie would have to be one of the fathers of building these relationships.

  9. I really liked the point made about markets via social media is not a zero-sum game. It’s extremely contrary to what we think about business, including SEO.

    Guy supports this statement by explaining how curating information, even information produced by competitors, is a win-win scenario. I think that’s great.

    I actually noticed this in action on my blog recently. I linked to two good articles in a blog post. Then, I believe it was the author of the post I linked to, linked to my post from a very popular forum which drove loads of traffic my post.

  10. Brian, you all always give great information and it’s all for free! Because of what I’ve been learning here, I’ve started to rebuild the foundation of my website to give the best content possible!

    Thanks Brian and all of the team here at Copyblogger

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