Get a Great Deal When You Join Third Tribe Before June 1, 2010

Get a Great Deal When You Join Third Tribe Before June 1, 2010

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  1. I was wondering is this stuff recommend for beginners or just for more pro-advance player in the online marketing world?

    It seems like the content is quite for more pro-advance players…

    What you say?

  2. It’s actually about half and half… some very introductory, and some more advanced. The feedback we’ve gotten indicates we’re striking a good balance given the diversity of people and their various experience levels.

  3. This is a lot of value for just $47. If you’re really trying to learn how to run a successful business online, this has got to be one of the cheapest investments you can make. This is a practical give away.

  4. I have products that I want to sell on the internet, so I set out to learn about writing and marketing. I read a few blogs geared towards internet marketing on a regular basis and I’ve poked around a few paid membership marketing type forums.

    Most of the blogs and forums end up revealing the same old information. The Third Tribe isn’t like the other forums I’ve belonged to. It’s a genuine community where people don’t mind sharing their secret or not so secret formulas.

    I joined third tribe when it opened and I’ve learned a lot about all kinds of topics. Plus I’ve met a lot of great people.

    Best of all, the information is real, fresh from people that don’t know a thing about internet marketing and from pros that know a lot from marketing.

    There’s a lot of heavy hitters that belong to the third tribe, people that have been there-done that, type of folks. There’s also a lot of new people who ask all kinds of questions and get all kinds of answers, that I never though of.

    I could go on and on about the third tribe community, but the bottom line for me is that, the third tribe is a place where people, newbies and experienced marketers can learn about all the phases in internet marketing, along with every other topic you can think of.

    The posts on the forum discussions aren’t only about marketing. Every topic you can think of has become a topic on it’s own and not everyone agrees with each other. We get some great debates happening and that’s where you can pick up some good information.

    The timing of this post is good for me because something weird happened to me the other day when I listened to an interview with Glen Allsopp, an internet affiliate marketer.

    I actually got stoked listening to Glen explain how he goes about marketing in different ways than everyone else in his niches. How he tests this and that to make things work. How he’s had a few flops. It was a great interview and it was kept real without all the usual BS.

    I guess I am going on and on. Just join us at the Third Tribe and see what happens for yourself. If it’s not for you, click a button and unsubscribe.

  5. I joined Third Tribe based solely on the names behind it – in fact, I didn’t even read the sales page. I figured I could always cancel if there was no value provided. Small investment for a peek under the hood, so to speak.

    Third Tribe has proven so incredibly valuable to my business. The community absolutely hums with energy, and the forum areas provide insights I could never have gotten elsewhere. It’s like a Vulcan mind meld with hundreds of other people who have similar goals and ideas.

    The seminars are pure information, letting me hear what goes on in the minds of some of the most successful people online. Just one seminar alone can give you actionable ideas to use in your business.

  6. I was about to join when I saw Jeff Walker’s name. He had me once before for a lot of dollars for a very poor program.

    I am sure Jeff is good with people with established reputations and big lists, but for most people the online training he was selling at Pitchfest seminars was just too poorly prepared to imagine.

    Sorry about this because I am a fan of Copyblogger, but not this guy.

  7. Sorry to hear that. It’s funny, because a lot of what Walker teaches is incorporated into the Copyblogger approach, and it took us from no reputation and no list to where we are today.

    We’ll be offering guidance on our specific approach with the upcoming Premise course + software bundle, so hopefully that will be a better fit. 🙂

  8. @Leadership Coach I’m also sorry to hear that your experience with Jeff Walker’s material wasn’t the same as mine. Jeff’s thinking and products have both changed my life and my business. It’s important to note that Jeff isn’t selling a get rich quick scheme. He IS selling one of the most powerful and revolutionary conversion methodologies the online business world has seen.


  9. @The Bad Blogger There are people in the forum from all different levels – beginners to advanced. So you can benefit by asking beginner questions and getting advised by those who are both in the same boat and those who have been there and succeeded.

  10. Hi Brian Clark, hi Sonia Simone, I have read the Third Tribes webpages as well as the testimonials of people in this comments section, and they were very convincing!

    So after writing some freelancing articles for Demand Studios this week, I could finally pay for it today. I’m glad I did and I hope to learn something new and valuable from this program. Thank you guys.

  11. I’m a charter Third Tribe member, and I’m writing a post encouraging my readers to join.

    However, it’s not quite clear to me when the actual last moment is to join at the $47 rate.

    Is it midnight May 31st? Midnight where?

    Is it midnight June 1? What time zone?

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