How to Build an Audience Using Gamification

How to Build an Audience Using Gamification

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  1. Gamefication truly is one of the best ways to increase audience. Great ideas are described here, thank you! I like the conception “if we do not now what we will get, will have to find out. At any cost” – complete truth. And this conception certainly should be used for gamefication.

  2. Danny,

    It is awesome to see you artfully employ game theory to running a blog or website. I have actually brainstormed ideas for how to accomplish this, but I lack the creative skill. You do an excellent job and empower your ideas with strong connections to game theory. I learned about game theory while studying evolutionary psychology, and because of that context, I have a hard time thinking of it in other terms. You’ve accomplished it for me, and I thank you.

    I am going to head off to start gamifying!


    • Thanks, Darin, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post!

      Actually, though, it isn’t game theory, it’s gamification – they’re very different things. I’d love to hear about your ideas, though – if you feel like sharing, please send me an email! πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t know if I am right, but what “gamification” can do for us as blogger is about engaging visitors.
    That is a theory and sometimes it is easier to describe than it is to apply.
    Of course, this can make a big difference in your conversions if you do it right!
    Good article!

    • Hey Felipe, you’re exactly right – that’s exactly the opportunity for us bloggers. It can make a huge difference to conversions, and to engagement – and if you want an example, you should check out our Scavenger Hunt!

  4. Good post! I have seen in my business that when people are told they will be part of a special group if they “like” a social media page, they will be more likely to perform that action. That, of course, also gives them a front row seat to links to the marketing content. πŸ˜‰

  5. Well timed, Danny. I just installed a top commenter widget on my blog and named it Most Inspiring Contributors as mine is an inspirational blog. I hope my commenters don’t read this πŸ™‚ but I’m hoping that they will be motivated to compete for top ranking. I do think that designation will drive more traffic to their respective blogs than simply “top commenter.” I’m a psychologist, a homeschooler, and a huge gamification fan. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Danny no doubt Gamification helps in community building, and a great way to convert visitors into regular readers..In fact it helps turn readers into members… Do you know what’s the best solution to add Gamification in WordPress blog?? Any plugin which seamlessly integrate with WordPress…

  7. Good points, everyone of us wants to be acknowledged one way or the other, so is very important to try and give to others that which we all desire

  8. I am just starting out on a new venture with my site and would love to implement a “Gamification/Trophy system”, for participation from my members. I have looked everywhere for a plugin or program to purchase and insert into my site that would make it automated. But the prices are way out of my league, one example is I spoke with a gentleman at gigya, and he stated a starting price of $20,000.00 yes twenty thousand!!!
    Do you know of anywhere with reasonable prices??? Oh yes….awesome article thank you.

    • Hi Dilligaf, We developed a video trivia platform to empower businesses, social media consultants, and families to gamify You Tube videos. Once you create your video trivia contest – it associates it with a leaderboard so you can challenge others for free. If you want to associate it with a giveaway, integrate it into Facebook, etc. then prices start at $30/month. We created this due to the fact that we saw companies over pricing and wanted to provide something at reasonable costs. Here is a direct link to our packages, benefits, case studies, and more:

  9. I guess if there is competition, challenge to do things, people generally take it. More than free content, blogs that engage readers to get more content seem to actually respond to such requests and find it intriguing to know what’s there. Its interesting how you incorporated game theory into marketing. Interesting approach Danny.

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