On Making Choices and Finding New Solutions: Let It Be Easy

On Making Choices and Finding New Solutions: Let It Be Easy

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  1. I’ve had many situations in life where I thought solutions were hard to find. You have to be bigger than your problems and stay open to all possible solutions. The answer may be easier than you first thought.

  2. I’ve never gone for an easy options in my life . Because of this only i’ve learn a lot and i’m still learning because of this only. It doesn’t mean i’m doing it purposely. I love difficulties and
    you’re correct accomplishments do take hard work, dedication and time.

  3. I think that we can all easily become trapped by everyday life routines and our own comfort zone. Learning to expand our comfort zone is what makes us less fearful of new life events and changes. I am a strong believer that new changes in what we do or the way we do things is what brings newer challenges and great opportunities in life. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing Stefanie!

  4. I have had my wisdom teeth out too. The worst thing for me is the fact that I really dislike salt. I mean that I don’t touch it all all. I don’t eat processed food because its full of salt, hell…I wont even go into the sea or a salt water swimming pool. It drives my girlfriend crazy but I can help it. So, having to rinse my mouth out with salt water several times a day was just horrible!

  5. Been scared to move out of our immediate environment to an unknown place is what instill fear in us. Most times, our challenges are not really tougher than the solutions around us.

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