5 Ways to Embrace the Uncertain Path of a Heroic Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Embrace the Uncertain Path of a Heroic Entrepreneur

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  1. My motto

    ‘always moving forward’

    Reminds me the path I’ve faced before. Some bad and some good. Well take it as a challenge – journey to success. ?

    • Muhamad, that’s the way it is! One foot in front of the other, moving forward all the time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Indeed entrepreneurship is a very scary path to take. There’s no easy way or shortcut path. Each step needs to be taken with all your might, dedication, commitment, and most importantly perseverance. Your journey depends on you. Your journey, your path.

  3. I really enjoyed reading the spanish poet Antonio Machado in the post.
    Here is a more complete piece of that poem if you are interested:
    Walker, your footprints are
    the path and nothing more;
    walker, there is no path,
    the path is made when walking.
    When walking the path is made
    and when looking back
    you see the path that never
    has to be walked again.
    Walker, there is no path,
    but trails in the sea…

    This great poem was very well sung by Joan Manuel Serrat

    Gabriel (from the end of the Camino de Santiago, in Spain)

    • Thanks for sharing more of the poem, Gabriel. It’s not an easy one to translate! I think I like the original best. 😉

      I linked to the Serrat version of the song in the post: love that version.

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi,

    Entrepreneurship is a path which have lots of ups and downs. But one can reach it with dedication, commitment and passions.

    It is the passion and commitment which makes a person go through all the ups and downs.

    This is really inspirational.


  5. I have found that being an entrepreneur has tremendous upside and at other times can be a lonely path. I broke free from corporate life about eight years ago and I will never go back. It has charted a new path not just for me but for my children as well. Having a vision and the determination (sometimes desperation) to succeed and been my most valuable asset. Where do you feel like entrepreneurs in their process to to succeed.
    Thanks for the post

  6. I like these ideas and I agree with them. Speaking about “entrepreneurship is a scary path” – actually life is a scary path. And if you scared everything and do nothing, you don’t live.

    • I am agree with you. Life is scary, and entrepreneurship is only a part of it. whether we’re being entrepreneur or not, it’s still scary. The first thing we need to get on top is doing our first step.

  7. I am a child of the 80s, when I was a kid the Choose Your Own Adventure books were everywhere. I devoured them. I loved being able to make choices and make my own plot, even if it meant a bad decision. Even if I was caught by monsters and forced to start all over again. This is what entrepreneurship feels like.

  8. my hero’s journey

    -write content on my blog
    -wait for the Certified Content Program to reopen next year, I hope
    -Join Authority once I’ve saved enough
    -move from apprentice to mastery in content marketing
    -teach what I’ve learned to my sidekick
    -write a book and thank Pamela W. at the end

    Hehe. What a story.

    Thanks Pamela for this post.

  9. Great post Pam.
    I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life.
    Hit some great highs, some big lows,
    best of all, I own my time.

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