What Facebook Can Teach You About Effective Blog Marketing

What Facebook Can Teach You About Effective Blog Marketing

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  1. Brian, this is an excellent article. And you have good timing as well!

    My blog has two main purposes: build authority and sell our products. Over the few weeks that we’ve been going now I have had to make numerous decisions about when to sell our product and when to give free content. Going forward, I’ve come to much the same conclusion as you have. I will be reducing the sales pitch to a bare minimum (including removing big photos, etc… from the sidebar) and be focusing on delivery a pure resource.

    From there my plan is to offer the occasional doorway into another section of the website. Interested parties will follow that path out of curiosity, and will end up on pages where I can sell our products. People who aren’t interested will never follow.

    Thanks for the article, can’t wait for more info about your autoresponder selections.

    – Mason

  2. Aweber is also my tool of choice for newsletters and auto responders. Many people wonder why I created a newsletter in addition to my RSS readership, especially as feedburner allows email subscription, but a focused and targeted newsletter is the perfect addition to run in parallel to a more general audience.

  3. Hey Brian,

    Great points about the value of education/tutorial marketing.

    A blog is a great marketing tool, but it’s not the only one, and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If we have people who are interested enough in what we have to say on our blogs to subscribe, we’re doing them and ourselves a disservice by not giving them the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise in other related or more focused topics.

    And thanks for the AWeber/webinars mention – we try to practice what we (and you) preach and provide as much education as we can 🙂

  4. I think it still helps to note that the facebook demographic is still largely ruled by Generation Y. If you’re marketing to that group, it helps to know something of their habits, how facebook is used, and what they care about.

    I’ve written a tangentially related article on that topic — see The Facebook Dilemma

  5. Hi Brian I am a first time reader of your blog… and must say got something to learn and add up to my knowledge… I never thought of autoresponders … but will definitely give it a try just to check how beneficial they could be for me as a blogger…

  6. Interesting idea Brian. Keeps everyone happy and still makes you money. I’m still learning how best to monetize my site. I’d naturally like to make some money, but even more I want to remain loyal to my readers who are loyal to me and not force products in front of them.

    I like the idea of sending those who are interested to the products while simply trying to present information to the rest.

  7. How should you answer privacy concerns? I think as customers become more aware of how their personal data can be exploited, they’ll be less willing to tag along. And of course marketers everywhere, including those who play it straight, suffer.

  8. Rico, with autoresponders, you’re only asking people for an email address and a maybe a first name (although you can ask for more). You should have a privacy policy and a no spam statement that let’s people know their information is safe.

    As for Facebook, well, if you’re concerned about privacy, you shouldn’t use the site at all. Take a look at their privacy policy and you’ll see that you have none when it comes to Facebook watching and tracking you.

  9. Great article again, Brian. I’ve encountered a lively debate topic with Facebook recently and blogged about it on my site today. Interested in the drawbacks of having professional networking enter the picture for folks using Facebook (and other sites) as personal networking sites. The collision of worlds is frightening for some. Interested in your take.

  10. On point 4 I think you have an “if” when you meant to type “is”.

    Love the content and the interview you did with the Internet Business Mastery.

  11. I understand that facebook also offers classified ads that can be targeted by demographics and behavioral characteristics.

    This provides Internet marketers a great opportunity to reach their target markets with marketing messages. All they have to know is the demographics of their target market.

    For those who don’t know anything about market segmentation or demographics of their target markets, I offer a free report to help determine the demographics by other characteristics, and vice versa. It’s at http://www.StrategicMarketSegmentation.com

  12. This is so true!
    I really need to get email marketing on my blog!
    I know that I need to!
    delivering value upfront is a must!
    the customer will love you if you educate and keep them updated for free.
    they’ll buy your products and services because they know that your an expert and they want to be an expert.
    we’re all copycatting somebody or multiple somebody’s!

    thanks for the awesome post!



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