Looks Like We Made It …

Looks Like We Made It …

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  1. I have wondered for years why it’s so intimidating to just be me, in my writing and posting and even shopping at Dollar General. Most people don’t like anything that is different, so I have attempted to blend in. It just didn’t work. You are such a consistent, persistent voice luring us all out of our pitiful attempts to please others by not rocking the boat. You, Sonia, are a boat-rocker! This is the perfect time for all boat-rockers to unite, isn’t it? It’s a sea change in the world and on the web. Writers set words in motion, in ever-expansive waves that never end. Don’t you just love that?

  2. Loved this: “No more buzzword bingo. No more weak copycats. No more lame β€œme-too” content.” I crave a deeper conversation about marketing and especially digital marketing. And I’m not alone. (See SlowMarketing.org for proof.) Can we please stop downloading shit to our hardrives and start thinking and experimenting and looking for a NEW way? I really DO want this to be the end of the world “as we knew it.”

  3. Seeing as how I have no less than 3 books coming out in 2013, I’m glad it’s the year of the online writer. woohoo! A little let down by the mayans forecast, I’m not sure what to do my apocalyptic stockpiles of wooden stakes and cans of baked beans now…

  4. Just what I needed to read this Friday morning late in the year 2012 as I ponder my path for 2013. Thanks for the thought inspiring post.

  5. This is great! wasn’t worried about today, but it’s also a new year, time for new changes and designing your own life. For the first time I’ve got all my goals and life plan layed out for 2013 and I’ve got some big goals so ready for the new year! Thanks for all your great content in 2012 copyblogger!

  6. Reminds of something I heard…someone called a “Mustang” a “me to” vehicle.
    Joe : Hey, I’ve gotta Mustang……….
    Bill, gleefully : Me too……
    Wouldnt be any vehicles on the road if it wasn’t for “stangs πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sonia,

    This was just the pep talk I needed to end the year. I couldn’t look at the children’s pictures during the moment of silence. I haven’t been able to write because of the cynics. My blog hasn’t grown much in 2012, I’m hosting 30 people Christmas Eve–I’m feeling scattered and defeated.

    Then you give me back the dream: “What we don’t have enough of yet is you. The best version of you β€” the smartest, most passionate stuff you have to offer. We’re waiting for that.” If this is really true, then I can’t quit. I have to get past the critics. I have to create a Christmas punch that contains spirit and hope to jump head first into the new year.

    Maybe the end of “that” world did end. Maybe I should get one of those t-shirts we talked about in James Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words workshop. “Content: I’m full of it!” but the ” I survived the Mayan Apocalypse t-shirt” really would be fun for the gift exchange–what a hoot!

    Thanks for all you do to build our confidence and skills.

  8. Happy New Year. Thank you for a year of interesting, helpful, and thought provoking content. Thank you for products that make my life easier.

    May all of you at Copyblogger continue to sing your own song in 2013 as well.

  9. Thank you very much to the whole Copyblogger team. I wish you enjoy the year-end and a plenary new year of creativity, joys, challenges, aspirations and achievements. Congratulations!

  10. As the search engines keep getting smarter the Copyblogger way of building sites will continue to work well.

    Thanks for the knowledge you gave this year Simone,


  11. I’m going to print this and post in front of me:

    “No more buzzword bingo. No more weak copycats. No more lame β€œme-too” content.
    What we don’t have enough of yet is you. The best version of you β€” the smartest, most passionate stuff you have to offer. We’re waiting for that.”

    THANK YOU for a full year of GREAT content! Content that inspired us to become the best version of ourselves! Content that showed us clues, tactics and strategies to start living a Life rooted in our purpose!

    Let’s rock 2013!

  12. Hey, great post. And that was close! I’d love to see your alternative post–you know the post that you would’ve had to publish if the world in fact did end. Wait…. :p

  13. Thanks for an encouraging look forward. The brainstorming session sounds awesome. I’m determined to be more intentional in the coming year.
    Enjoy your families. Blessings!

  14. 2012 WAS the year I took my dream seriously and started my own business – which has now helped thousands of people around the world. 2013 will be the year I triple it in size.

    If you are considering starting something but you haven’t taken the leap yet – DO IT. It will be harder and much more rewarding than you ever imagined!

  15. It’s about time we raise our white flags and surrender to being someone we are not. Instead of spending so much time comparing ourselves to others and copying what we “think” is successful, it’s time to develop our own voice, our own dreams, our own strategies, and let our personalities soar through our businesses and blogs.

    This will be the year that I let my new online business really take root. With the economy the way it is, what other choice is there? NOW is the time. Thanks for the encouraging post and thoughts to dwell on!

  16. Thanks so much for this, Sonia!

    This has been a bold new year for me getting seriously into writing. And I owe you, Brian, Robert, Jon and the whole CB gang a great debt of gratitude for allowing me an opportunity to guest post here at Copyblogger. That was a huge goal achieved already.

    I have big plans for 2013 and they’re about as far away from “Me Too” as I can think.

    Can’t wait to unveil it.

    Go get some rest and rock out. You all deserve it big time!

    Happy Holidays!

  17. Great post Sonia,

    I agree there is far too much mirroring of others online. I think it’s fine to learn from the experts and certainly take their advice, but it can be taken too far.

    With my own golf blog I am focusing on really expressing my true self and letting the readers get to know and understand what I am writing. From there they can make up their own mind whether it’s good or bad.

    They may not always like what I have to say but at least i’m being real and true to myself .

    Good luck to all in 2013

  18. Hey Sonia,
    I always had a nick for writing though I never thought of it as a career option. But 2012 was the year to make me realize my undying love of writing and I finally started my career as a writer. I actually laughed a lot while reading your post (I survived the Mayan apocalypse thing). Some thought provoking lines too, which has actually created a lot of different ideas to try out this new year. Happy Holidays to the whole Copyblogger team. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wonderful end-of-the-year message Sonia. Yes I am on a Christmas break too – much online time but loving the planning and brainstorm sessions. I’m most of the time with a pen and a notebook and am planning awesome stuff for 2013 πŸ™‚ Have a great holiday time Copyblogger team!

  20. G’Day Sonia,

    Thank you … a great, succinct read… just a thought …What if we misinterpret the Mayans ?… What if they meant ‘ the end of the World as we have KNOWN it’ ‘ ?? Could they have predicted SIGNIFICANT CHANGE??
    Whilst we’re saying that 2013 ushers in genuine writing talent … value content … higher standards …could this represent ‘ significant change ‘ ??
    Is it possible that, in our high powered technological world, ( contrasted with Mayan times ) we could miss the tree for the leaves ?? ( there’s certainly a proliferation of ‘ leaves ‘ cluttering our lives today!! )
    Just the pondering of an old Aussie Bloke … With Cheers from Aus. … Doug …

  21. Nicely said — your 1st point hit me across the head like a two-by-four. This is the time to take care of me and my family 1st and not someone else!

  22. The lack of the end of the world means I will have to carry on with my work πŸ™‚ I am not unhappy about that as I love my freelance blog writing around the world so it is good that the world did not end. Happy new year to everyone by the way… I hope we all have a good 2013 for our blogs.

  23. Awesome. My resolution for 2013 is not to fit in. I find I make myself miserable trying to be one thing or the next. Enough. Me has to be good enough.

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