3 Ways the ‘Cruise Ship’ Model Invites Your Audience Aboard

3 Ways the ‘Cruise Ship’ Model Invites Your Audience Aboard

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  1. Very clever analogy Will. During my world travels I have met so many folks from around the world who had relatives working cruise ships. They work these guys and gals to the bone in many cases because they need to keep that high level of quality service, said level being the standard for the cruise ship model. All about max customer service, relaxation and a certain level of excess on those mobile towns masquerading as boats and we should think the same way – minus seeming slave labor at times LOL – when servicing our readers.

    I put out articles, eye-popping images, videos and podcasts to give my readers a rich selection of content to choose from, so they can find content aligned with their tastes. Gotta serve up more than 1 dish to gain a little mass appeal.

  2. Hello Will,

    Great shout here 🙂

    Giving our customers with to notch customer service help us to make stronger bond. They could have trust as we are always ready to short out their problems whenever we need us.

    Yeah the gills should always be there, it helps to make a feeling of excitement on our clients, quantity do matter but quality always plays the role, one can have one or two things and would be satisfied if the quality is of supreme.

    Thanks for the share.


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