Connection Steps that Lead to Customers

Connection Steps that Lead to Customers

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  1. As one who was there in the beginning, the distinction was not as suggested here between connection and persuasion. Rather, it was between connection and commercialization. The coin of the day was “Information wants to be free.” It was like the old west before settlers came, before the gold rush…. the land was open and there were no title deeds or lawyers. But like the Old West, eventually there was a land grab, and rules set up and ownership and commerce. This was inevitable.
    This is not a matter of good vs evil… just a reality of the cyber realm. There are still the purists who are less concerned about financial, but the rest of our physical world is now transplanted to the web, which is a reflection of the people in real space time reality who have chosen to populate it… with social interactions and commercial interactions and all other kinds of interactions.
    Inasmuch as this is a commercial endeavor, it can be noted that commercial endeavors online or off involve making connections… In that regard there is no division.
    my two cents…

    • Funnily enough, immediately after Stewart Brand said “information wants to be free,” he said “information wants to be expensive.” The two sides of the coin have always been there.

      Also, commerce without persuasion is theft. 🙂

  2. Personally, I worked more on conversion. Turning the interested of my targeted audience to action(buying). I never knew I still have a whole lot of things to cover on the field. I hope to improve on other things you’ve stated here. Thanks

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