10 Advanced Edits that Craft Better Paragraphs

10 Advanced Edits that Craft Better Paragraphs

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  1. I am always having problems with my paragraghs.

    I tend to make them too long.

    I do use hemingway app though which seems to be quite good at improving readability.

    Thanks for the great read!

  2. Stefanie–

    Thank you for this post!

    Many writers, content creators and bloggers get the importance of titles and overall structure but neglect to examine how the meat of their writing fits together.

    Unlike titles, there aren’t set rules and fill-in-the-blank options.

    Paragraphs are where your writing and inner editor shine!

  3. Thanks for this helpful article. Technical writing rules offer similar parameters, just applied differently. Good writing follows general rules of logic, simplicity, and reader appeal, and your article covers that well.

  4. One thing I noticed about your opening line – “Paragraphs that are both autonomous and seamlessly flow together do not happen by accident.”

    It’s not parallel. If you apply the verb to both the phrases after it, the sentence will read “Paragraphs that are both autonomous and are seamlessly flow together . . .” ).

  5. I agree with you on point #1. My writing often gets off to a much better start if I start by writing my thoughts out on a pad of paper with a nice ink pen. Some of my best ideas and writing have occurred sitting outside in the sunshine writing. Thanks for this reminder.

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