Writers Can’t Fake This

Writers Can’t Fake This

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  1. Spot on! As someone who’s not a writer but knows how difficult it is writing a great piece, I appreciate writers a lot. It’s a tough job and writers sure need SPACE.

  2. I’ve struggled to give myself this type of creative space, but I’m slowly getting better. Thanks, Stefanie, for the encouragement to protect that space.

  3. It’s interesting that writing copy is nothing like we learned to write in school. It’s about attention span online and that attention span isn’t long. I like having that creative space, particularly helping clients with their website copy and understanding the psychology behind what attracts and keeps someone interested on a website. Based on my experience, it’s critical. Thanks Stefanie for your excellence in your copyblogs.

  4. One thing I dislike the most is tight time frames because it really takes away from the work I know can be produced. But, I make it happen anyways.

    • I agree, Gabriel. But I also think that it pushes us to deliver better work faster (eventually). I feel that work is never finished. It’s just abandoned. And if you never have a deadline to “abandon work,” there is potential to overwork it into oblivion. (much like making pesto)

      • It’s always about finding that balance between taking your time to do your best work and “good enough” so that you actually finish and deliver your final product, right? 🙂

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