The Path to a Legendary Copywriting Career

The Path to a Legendary Copywriting Career

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  1. I find it interesting that John referred to people thinking copywriting is about writing “cute” copy. (I think that’s the word he used.) To me, it’s the most challenging because there’s so much psychology involved and I’ve had to retrain myself in the art lately. I cannot tell you how many egos have destroyed things I’ve tried to write over the years and I will always remember now if the head person doesn’t like it I’ve probably scored! 🙂 Thanks for that.

  2. I’ve worked with small business owners for 20+ years and my favorte part, hands down, was the part explaining that good copy makes the business owner nervous. So, SO spot on. My experience is that business growth and personal growth are parallel. Our own personal shortcomings and hurdles are what hold us back. Find the area that makes the business owner nervous and you’ve found the path to the growth they haven’t been able to achieve. Looking forward to part 2.

  3. What a story! Big fan of John Carlton and great to see a legend sharing wisdom here along with his personal tale of rags to riches.

    “Opportunities are like whispers in the wind.”
    “Gun-to-the-head approach to writing.”
    “Copy holds the keys to the kingdom.”
    “Most people want pablum. They’re afraid for their reputation…”
    Pure gold. Look forward to next week!

  4. I’ve read about John here in Nigeria. Some of the business news paper has written about him and most especially our most respected paper, SDE, I once read about him. It’s good to be a great copy writer as it will help in anything one does in life!


  5. Wow, a lot of points to remember. I am now beginning to like writing. Such a great teacher. Looking forward to part two.

  6. Loved the “writer’s block is a myth” stance. Carlton is so right and it makes so much sense. Why even sit down to write if you don’t even have an idea? What do you expect?

  7. Copy Is King Indeed!

    Always a pleasure reading your stuff guys! I am very glad that I stumbled on your site and am now an avid reader and follower!:)


  8. Great interview, looking forward to part two. I particularly agree with his comments on becoming an expert on whatever you’re being paid to write about at the time. To me, the variety and opportunity to learn a market inside out (or as close to it as possible) are what make freelancing so rewarding (irregular pay checks aside).

  9. I’m making plans right now to speed read through all of the marketing and copywriting books at the main Chicago Library.

    I think this is one of those rare moments when a piece of advise sticks to me at precisely the right time.

  10. Thanks for providing these links. I think that by providing links you are doing us a special favour. More often than not, I try to check out these links–just out of curiosity–and it has never ceased to amaze me about what is available out there. Invariably, the links you provide add value to our work-lives. It is great to discover new writers and new blogs.
    The joy of discovery also leads to new insights and new learning opportunities. There is so much good writing out there, and you make it a point to educate us folks about it. That’s what makes your blog the best in the business. Cheers.

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