The Strategy Behind the Copyblogger Redesign

The Strategy Behind the Copyblogger Redesign

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  1. Looks pretty clean. Nice to hear about the traffic funnel difference. We’ve been penciling out a redesign for about six months now. Same thing, bringing the brand back to center and then funneling to the product/service sites.

  2. Love the clean look of the home page.
    Consider having your Design, Traffic and Conversion boxes expand on rollovers to make it even cleaner.
    No body copy or video? What happened to engage?
    The 4 tiers are disengaging. I would think the course signup and tutorials would work better on a sidebar.
    New article scroll is awesome.

    Joe 😀

  3. Wow, I recently changed to the Streamline Theme and grappled with plenty of the things you just discussed (of course I had all of those discussions/debates in my own head). I need to thank “Gardner”, as you call him, and the StudioPress team for the design.

    I have always run into real-estate-website-gurus who did not approve of my “education approach”, but the blog has really helped support my business engaging actual customers. Then it is up to me to sell their homes or help them buy one. To date, 46% of my closed sales originated from my blog.

  4. Great show, as always. I’m glad you pointed out a few strategies behind the design.

    As a graphic designer, I would probably did a few things differently but that would be only my point of view. You, as great marketers and copywriters, know your audience very well and gave me some tips how to make this design really working. That’s the point here… Create a nice looking base website and then tweak it again and again to improve the conversion. I’ve learned a lot while redesigning the Copyblogger site.

    As Brian said, I’m too shy to say anything publicly, so forget about it 😉

  5. Very helpful interview. Thanks for sharing the thinking behind the new design and navigation. The explanation about the tiny social icons made complete sense and as well as guiding me in some impending redesign has dispelled a recent dilemma for me about whether to advise one of my clients to have the big, bold social icons in their new site design on which they asked me to comment.

    Would you care to share the name of the font you use for Copyblogger? And does it come standard with the Genesis framework? Very attractive and readable – of course you know that :).

  6. I was one of the 3 people who kept refreshing the page on the first day. I’m glad you removed some of the jQuery slicks and content on the home page. It’s now both revolutionary and palatable.

    Great show! You’ve nailed Derek’s accent. 😀

  7. When you say in this podcast you “had a different view of what a theme should be,” what is your view on what a theme should be?

    Have you talked or written about this before? If so, can you share the link?


  8. Guys, well done on the redesign – I think your goal to move from ‘a blog that products’ to ‘a business powered by a blog’ has been achieved beautifully.

    I’m a big Copyblogger fan and have been following your evolution for a while. Your success has been amazing. It shows what’s possible on the internet.

  9. This seems to be the way things are done these days, as far as website design is concerned.

    The emphasis seems to be on clear, easy to navigate site pages, minus the clutter.

    The 90% plus opt in increase due to changing the opt in box position from under posts, to the home page, is quite remarkable.

    Also, going by memory, the new site theme choice does look better. This option seems to look much clearer.

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