The Lede: 7 Marketing Links for Smart People

The Lede: 7 Marketing Links for Smart People

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  1. You’re right, you do need to read the Steve Martin article more than once. I really had to spend some time on this one and let it percolate. Fantastic article, thanks for sharing that one Robert.

  2. A great batch.
    “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You”. Steve Martin is brilliantly funny, and so brilliant.
    The 10 tools – I’ve already grabbed a few for my arsenal.
    The No.1 use. Yes, of course.
    So glad you decided to start doing this.

  3. Compilation and consolidated stuff is the only thing which gives me peace of mind after going through the daily clutter of my google reader. Unfortunately I can’t give my attention to everything, this really helps cover the missed stuff. I hope you do more posts like this.

  4. I agree completely with the Seth Godin concept. Building a brand, following, tribe, team, or whatever is about building a genuine relationship, and you really can’t do that with a quick 130 characters. It needs to be over time and full of value. They should feel like they left with more value than before they arrived. All my close relationships were built over time… should that change online?

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