How to Get an A in Content Marketing

How to Get an A in Content Marketing

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  1. The cheese post was so good Sonia 😉 All of what we do comes down to emotions, or energy. The vibe we choose dictates how we act, and how we act determines how we succeed, or how we fail, or how the journey goes. This is why I am big on following your passion, or doing something fun, and linking it to solving a problem. You won’t worry much about outcomes – aka blogging from an energy of peace and calm detachment – keeping you patient, poised and open to practicing…and learning.

    Thanks for the rocking share and Happy Friday from New Zealand!


  2. I agree with Ryan – your Cheese post was awesome!

    I definitely will go ‘orange hat’ if it’s required – but like any style of marketing, test it out, review results and go from there. It might work in some areas, and not in others after all.

    My vote is always just to do what actually works 🙂

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