Aggressive Sell, Soft Sell … What Works?

Aggressive Sell, Soft Sell … What Works?

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  1. Sonia loving this post! It ain’t the sell; it’s the energy behind the approach. Sell with fear and you scare off folks. Whether a weak sell, unclear sell or desperate push. Sell with love and harmony, and no matter the approach you will earn coin. I recently began linking in to one of my eBooks via comments. Felt great about it. Plus it is a blog link. Instant uptick in sales. I had to get clear on the approach but goodness it feels fun to help folks, to make money and to live the dream.

    Get clear guys. Of course, when you’re selling from love and service you’d never be pushy or stray from the truth.

    Thanks for sharing 😉

    Signing off from the South Island of New Zealand.


  2. Nice article Simone.
    Typo spotted in first quarter – here:
    “Maybe a little less hangry, since we have carbs now.”
    Demolish this comment once you have seen it.;)

  3. Yah. It is a pretty gray line between click-bait and a headline. Everyone has had countless interactions with sales pitches, whether it’s on TV, face to face, or in a click add.

    I think most marketers have a very easy time justifying to themselves that something is authentic. So, it’s really not about convincing yourself; that’s easy.

    It’s about convincing others that your one liner is real. That if they click on this link, they will get what you tell them they will get.

    I think this comes down to authenticity versus being manipulative. And most people can tell if you are being manipulative. Being manipulated by a sales person, or a click bait add, is a terrible feeling. You are thinking, “I really wanted to learn the 10 best foods to eat to lose wait. Man, was I dumb to think that I was actually going to get some content out of this click.” In my opinion, a lead generated in this manner, is not going to be a good lead.

    In short, make sure your message is going to come across as genuine and not manipulative. Even if you aren’t trying to be manipulative, it matters how your potential customer perceives it, not how you justify it.

  4. All writing is telepathy. Stephen King told me that. He writes it, I read it in a different time and place, I know what he was thinking. However, if we literally start telepathically transmitting stuff, I’m out of a job. If I have to start busking with this guitar, people will pay me to stop.

  5. I really like the term “orange hat”. It has a nice ring to it. I think a lot of marketers just lose sight of the “human” element when they are writing something. Especially when it comes to those that are used to SEO; the think about the keywords and the CTA, but they don’t think about the fact that they are going to be communicating with a human. Cheesy marketing can build a strong connection between the writer and the reader when done right.

  6. Some of the cheesier sales tactics I have seen remind me of Dad jokes. They aren’t funny but normally always get a chuckle (or a huff), if only at the person telling it. But nevertheless, sometimes they are needed to break a stagnant point in conversation or to release a tense mood.

    While I typically steer clear of the aggressive selling techniques, I believe there needs to be points in any sales strategy that are a bit more forward and some less so. A perfect balance for the desired audience is ideal, but how to find the perfect balance? Testing of course. Surely there is a happy medium between aggressive and too soft.

    As they say trends go around, and while a cheesy line or sales tactic may not work this time around who is to say it won’t work next week?

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