How to Effectively Promote Your Content

How to Effectively Promote Your Content

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  1. Even the greatest content ever written needs a little help. There is so much noise out there that without a little push your content is never going to rise above the fray. Site owners can’t wait for people to find their content; you’ve got to bring it to them.

  2. I downloaded all four ebooks and they look great. Thank you so much – I’m just getting started and I have lots to learn when it comes to promoting my content. Thanks to your efforts, I’m off to a great start.

  3. Loved the hole e-book series, great read. Especially loved the 3rd one “How to Create Content That Converts”, I’m gonna check this one right away. Thank you!

  4. It is so true that your awesome content is worthless if no one sees it. I have been searching for new ways to accomplish this, and your offer comes just at the right time. Thank you for the solid and helpful material you always supply here at Copyblogger.

    Darin L. Hammond

  5. I’ve been battling with this ever since I started all of my blogs. Hopefully the new content will help and I just need more time to actually promote the content. Although, the more automated, the better.

  6. Thanks for sharing this resource Sonia,

    I have definitely been looking for something like this. My blog is in a niche where there is so much competition. It seems that in order to stand out, you either need to over deliver on your content or present it in a way that is different from everyone else.

    I always try to over deliver on my content but I am still not getting the results that I want.

    I look forward to reading these eBooks and learning how I can make myself stand out. I am especially interested in the section about how to use controversy in an intelligent way. I just so happen to like controversy. 🙂

  7. I agree, but it’s so hard to find that balance where you don’t sound like, “HEY, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” like a little kid.

  8. The SEO fairies will be out tonight! April Fools! Good content. Thanks for the tips! Working on getting my blogs working!

  9. I have recently set up a blog. In bed last night I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t disclosed that I was an affiliate
    (shock horror!).
    So I jumped up, ran down the stairs, and opened up copyblogger and there I found Brian’s
    post about disclosure “How to Turn Affiliate Marketing Disclosure into a Selling Point”.
    I opened up my blog, wrote the following:
    *These are affiliate links. If you click ‘em and buy I’ll get a few bucks (and Beattie da Dog
    will get some dinner 🙂
    I then went back to bed and slept like a lamb!

  10. You mean they lied to me in “Field of Dreams?” I continue to experiment with a variety of ways to promote. Without much tie or money, networking is my best bet. Getting others to share my content is key. That takes time. Think, if ten people with as many friends as I have shared my content on all their social networks, I’d have ten times the reach. The same goes for in-person promotion. I have two or three on my team, but building that network is key. But the challenge is to get people to go from “liking” your material to sharing it without begging or even asking.

  11. The fact that blogging isn’t easy is actually a blessing. In order for any industry to thrive, success should be earned. I appreciate CopyBlogger for providing no BS info that helps one take control of their own blogging destiny. Your content always hits the nail on the head, and I appreciate it.

    Personally, Twitter and YouTube are really impressing me as traffic generation sources. Hopefully Google gets AuthorRank right and marketing quality content becomes a bit easier. As for now, I suppose I’ll stick to witty Tweets and converting my articles into offensive animated YouTube videos.

  12. Many thanks for the books! I’ve read the first two and loved them! I am writing about nutritional supplements and at least in Sweden it is extremely criticised and for me it’s challenging to get people to promote my content. Excited to read the last two books but they show up blank with only the cover showing, is it just me?

  13. Hi Asa

    I’m having the same problem too. Transferred Book 3 and 4 to my Kindle and settled down for a good read
    and all I got was the covers the rest of the books were blank!

  14. Promotion is one of, if not the hardest task to do as an online writer. Thank you for some great resources. Looks like I have some reading to do!

  15. Great info. I’ve been experimenting writing longer posts (ie 1x a week @ 2000+ words ) vs shorter posts (3x a week at 800-1000 words) then spending more time on promotion rather than writing more often. What say you about this strategy?

    BTW My latest post “21 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post That You Probably Wish You Knew (Step-by-Step Guide)” is a good supplement to this post.

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